2021PILEUA220 Research technician

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 17 Oct 2021

Job position: 2021PILEUA220 Research technician

Tasks to be developed

Extension of the Geospatial User Feedback model (GUF, OGC). Implementation of the extension to server and client NiMMbus, Creation of best practices documents on the description of metadata and Measures of quality adapted to the climatic bases in GEOSS, of agreement with Recommendations of ClimateADAPT, ISO 19157 and INSPIRE.

Job position requirements (skills/languages/required experience)

• FP1, FP2 or equivalent qualification. Master in GIS, Remote Sensing or equivalent is assessable (valuable master's degree in another discipline if complemented by work experience in GIS and Remote Sensing)

• Programming language knowledge: JavaScript, BATCH, web applications programming, C, Windows API.

• Enough oral (teleconferences participation) and writing (scientific papers writing) English level

Assessable conditions:

• Proven experience in desktop applications and web applications development related to geographical information metadata and web services.

• Experience in climatic conditions and activities related to the SDGs will be valued.

• Extensive knowledge of metadata for Geographic Information, Both at the theoretical and implementation level, with special interest in quality metadata.

• Extensive knowledge of Standards for Geographic Information web services, both at a theoretical and implementation level.

• Research experience supporting previous competitive projects.

• Availability for traveling abroad (when pandemic permits)

Benefits: 28.131,36€ added to the Plus Campus corresponding amount and other salary supplements that may correspond. (Gross annual)

Eligibility criteria

• Academic record - 30: MSc degree in the specialty 30, generic MSc degree 25, BSc Degree 20, FP1, FP2 or equivalent qualification 15

• Languages - 30: English B2 30, English B1 15

• Work experience - 40: > 4 years 40, 2-4 years 30, <2 years 20. Knowledge and experience in geographic information metadata and geospatial web services, as well as Knowledge and experience in desktop and web services applications development in the same context will be assessable.

Selection process

A single curricular phase and if necessary, a second phase of interview, unless the court proposes other actions, tests and / or interviews to be conducted, in application of the agreement of February 1, 2019

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