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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 31 Aug 2022

The laboratory in interested in understanding the origin of new organs

during the radiation of winged insects. With this aim, the Almudi lab is using

single cell –omics approaches to address how morphological novelties

appeared, evolved and promoted the outstanding radiation of the insect

lineage and the conquest of the sky. During the last years, the laboratory

has established the mayfly species, Cloeon dipterum, as an emergent model

organism to investigate insect evolution and evolutionary novelties (see

Almudi et al., (2020) Nat Comms 11, 2631; Almudi et al., (2019) Evodevo 10,

6). The specific aims of the mayFLYeye project are studying the origin and

evolution of the regulatory networks responsible for the appearance of

wings in insects and the male-specific visual system of mayflies using a

combination of single cell RNA seq, single cell ATAC-seq, functional genetics

and molecular biology approaches in the emergent model C. dipterum.

Gross salary per year* 28.000€ - 35.000€ Pending on previous research experience

How to apply

Required documents* Single pdf containing Curriculum vitae, motivation letter and brief

description of current research lines/projects.

Send your application to: Email/website* ialmudi@ub.edu


email subject* postdoctoral position mayFLYeye

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