Postdoctoral Researcher in Agricultural Science

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Deadline: 04 Sep 2023

28 Aug 2023
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Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra
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Agricultural sciences
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Recognised Researcher (R2)

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4 Sep 2023 - 23:59 (Europe/Bratislava)
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Offer Description

Rector of SUA opens a call for the research postdoctoral post .

Eligible applicants for the postdoctoral post are persons who have completed PhD. study at the university or research institution no later than five years before starting postdoctoral post.

Application deadline: 04/09/2023

Offer starting date: the job is subject to the approval of the application in the Call "Scholarships for excellent researchers R2-R4", Call code 09I03-03-V04

Employment contract: 24 months (latest possible employment date 30.06.2026)

This post is funded by EU Recovery and resilience plan.

The condition for accepting a successful applicant for a postdoctoral post at SUA in Nitra is the approval of the application of SUA in Nitra and the fulfilment of all conditions listed in the Call for the submission of applications for the provision of funds for the mechanism to support recovery and resilience "Scholarships for excellent researchers R2-R4", code 09I03 -03-V04, hereinafter referred to as the "Call"

In case that the application of SUA in Nitra in this Call is not approved, it is not possible to accept an applicant who has successfully passed the selection process into employment at SUA in Nitra.

Estimated salary conditions:

Salary conditions can be agreed with the applicant only after the approval of the SUA application in Nitra based on the Call in the form of a researcher's scholarship - R2 - wage costs in the amount of €4,243/month, with 100% of the researcher's working hours. Up to additional €1300/month possible to support research expenditures.

Legal regulation on the basis of which the funds are provided: Act No. 368/2021 Coll. on the mechanism to support recovery and resilience and on the amendment and addition of some laws to the future regulations.

Applicants for this post must professionally profile themselves to the topic of the postdoctoral post:

Modeling the impact of biochar application to soil on greenhouse gas emissions and soil quality parameters.

The Institute of Landscape Engineering, FHLE SUA in Nitra is looking for a postdoctoral researcher in the field of modeling of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), quality parameters of the soil as well as the yield of field crops. The department has been dealing with the efect of biochar application on the reduction of GHG emissions, soil quality and crops in field conditions for a long time.

Supervisor: doc. Ing. Ján Horák, PhD., e-mail:

Workplace: Institute of Landscape Engineering, Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Engineering, SUA in Nitra, Hospodárska 7, 949 76 Nitra, Slovakia

Brief introduction to the research topic:

To achieve effective and sustainable soil management, we need to set the right priorities in assessing soil properties, understand the causes of decline or low soil fertility, and establish strategies to improve soil fertility. The phenomenon of Terra Preta de Índio has become the main inspiration of many scientists in the last two decades, with the main focus of their research on the role of biochar in improving soil properties and the question of whether the effect observed in the Amazon can be replicated in other areas of the world. Biochar is a product of thermal degradation of biomass rich in carbon. The so-called The "Terra Preta" concept is responsible for the recent increase in interest in biochar research, which is fueled by major global issues: climate change and the need to develop sustainable agricultural systems. Several positive impacts of soil-applied biochar have been reported to mitigate climate change through increasing soil carbon stocks and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from soil, improving soil quality and crop production.

Objective of the research project:

The main goal of this PostDoc position/project is modeling the impact of biochar application to soil on greenhouse gas emissions and soil quality parameters.

The main goal defined in this way has several sub-goals in terms of the reality of achieving this goal.

1. Long-term research on the effect of applying different doses of biochar in combination with different doses of N-mineral fertilizers in the conditions of the Malanta - Nitra field experiment (first application of biochar in 2014, re-application in 2018, will represent the field data set for the model studies.

2. Validation of selected models simulating the impact of biochar application to soil on greenhouse gas emissions, soil quality parameters and field crop yields under field experiment conditions.

3. Use of a validated model/models on a regional scale for quantifying the impact of biochar application on agricultural land: regional maps of GHG emissions, soil quality parameters.

Description of the professional content of the postdoctoral post:

Primary task of the postdoctoral post will include:

1. Quantification of the long-term effect of biochar on:

  • emissions of nitrous oxide (N2 O), carbon dioxide (CO2 )
  • chemical properties of soil - Corg, pH, mineral nitrogen
  • physical properties of the soil such as retention curve, infiltration intensity and

hydraulic soil conductivity

  • crop yields

2. Modeling of selected examined parameters (GHGs, or soil moisture) on a regional scale (agriculturally used soils of the Danube plain) and formulation of strategies and recommendations for agricultural practice.

Skills of the postdoctoral post should include the experiences in the above mentioned tasks of the position.

Required knowledge:

  • Good knowledge of English,
  • Sufficient scientific background related to soil properties,
  • Experience in preparing and writing scientific papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals,
  • Experience with laboratory and field instruments for measuring various soil parameters; experience with modeling of soil properties parameters, or greenhouse gas emissions, knowledge of plant physiology).

Minimim outputs (scientific papers) during the postdoc:

Preparing and submitting at least two scientific paper (WoS: Q1 or Q2

Selection process:

In the first round, selection committee appointed by the Rector will assess submitted applications in accordance with required conditions and documents defined in this call. Applicants who have not met defined requirements of this call do not advance to the second round.

The second round means interview in Slovak or English. Applicants will present their vision, research proposal and professional suitability with the post offered in the maximum 10-minute presentation. Presentation will be in the form of guided interview between the applicants and members of the selection committee.

Selection committee will determine the overall ranking of applicants. The final decision on selection process will be issued by the Rector of the University.

Application for the postdoctoral post includes the following documents submitted in Slovak or English:

  • Written request to apply for this post
  • Letter of motivation
  • Project proposal
  • CV emphasising scientific research activities relevant to the topic
  • Basic scientometric indicators of the applicant (list of publications with emphasis on works indexed in WOS and SCOPUS and journal works, overview of citations, patent activity, transfer of knowledge into practice, studio/atelier activities, etc.)
  • List of research grants/projects and brief description of the most significant results achieved
  • List of completed internships (advantage)
  • 1 letter of recommendation
  • Other information, if any, illustrating the applicant's professional profile
  • Copies of diplomas of the second and third degree studies (master and PhD.)
  • Copy of an extract from the judicial record not older than 3 months
  • Before signing the contract, the successful applicant is obliged to submit certified and translated into Slovak copies of the PhD. diploma and an extract from the criminal record not older than three months.

How to apply:

Send your application by mail to:

Reference number UP - 2023 - 105

Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra

Human Resources Unit

Tr. A. Hlinku 2

949 76 Nitra

Slovak Republic


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Research Field
Agricultural sciences
Education Level
PhD or equivalent

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Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra
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949 76
Trieda Andreja Hlinku 2

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Trieda Andreja Hlinku 2
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949 76

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