Postdoctoral research position - Energy-autonomous integrated systems based on energy harvesting

Updated: 7 months ago
Deadline: 02 Sep 2019

Energy-autonomous integrated systems based on energy harvesting (mentor: Prof. Ing. Viera Stopjakova, PhD., Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology STU, viera.stopjakova [@]

The project is primarily aimed to investigation of the energy autonomy of sensor networks from temporary sources and energy storages, which have a substantial potential and can find application in many key areas of industry and social life such as the Internet of Things, smart electronic devices and control systems, wireless medical devices, industrial and monitoring units, etc. To deal with an energy autonomy problem (critical issue of implantable medical devices), use of ambient energy resources together with power management are the key tasks based on energy harvesting. Furthermore, in size-critical applications, the miniaturization of sensor nodes belong to the most important task. Therefore, one of the main goals of this project is to integrate (fully or partially) discrete solutions directly on the chip or into a packaged system. Because of the miniaturization, the energy autonomy and the life extension issues, reducing power supply and power consumption became the key requirements of advanced sensor nodes. All these observations result in the following partial objectives of the project 1. research and development of new circuit topologies and advanced techniques for low-voltage and low-power integrated circuit and system design in nanometers technology (e.g. floating-gate, bulk-driven, etc.); 2. investigation of the implementation possibility of energy harvester or parts thereof (e.g., voltage converters) into an integrated form; 3. realization of power management unit for voltage converters powered from alternative energy sources. The researcher will build on the already gained results and findings and also contribute to the research area of energy harvester in terms of power management and their implementation, taking into account the strict energy requirements of key areas, e.g. e-health, environmental protection, etc.

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