Postdoctoral research position at STU - Research on new progressive methods of traditional cultural...

Updated: 11 months ago
Deadline: 02 Sep 2019

Research on new progressive methods of traditional cultural heritage materials conservation (mentor: Doc. Ing. Katarina Vizarova, PhD., Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology STU, katarina.vizaraova [@]

Research of new methods and technologies in cultural heritage preservation brings solutions to key problems, such as the persisting disparity between the rate of degradation and deterioration of heritage objects and the protection capacity in Slovakia and abroad; reduction of negative impacts on the environment (replacement of organic, often toxic substances by physico-chemical processes); improving the quality of protection while maintaining the principle of minimizing interference with the originality of historical objects; the need to develop new quality control methods to set up effective protection. The aim of the project will be to ensure the continuity of research into new alternative preservation processes. It will be based on the experimental results obtained so far and the latest knowledge of the application of nanotechnologies and physicochemical processes for surface treatment and stabilization of heritage objects. The focus of interest lies in the research of processes and changes at the nanometric level through the application of low-temperature plasma as well as the use of new polymer materials. The object of interest are artefacts based on natural organic materials, paper, parchment, wood. The candidate is expected to have an interdisciplinary experience as a conservation scientist in the protection of materials and heritage objects.

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