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Updated: 12 months ago
Deadline: 02 Sep 2019

Implementation of low frequencies in the single number index calculation (mentor: Prof. Ing. Monika Rychtarikova, PhD. Faculty of Civil Engineering, STU Bratislava, monika.rychtarikova[@]

In the field of building acoustics, a harmonised classification scheme in Europe is missing, that would allow for fast but reliable assessment and categorisation of sound insulation properties of building constructions by means of reliable single number quantity (SNQ). Recent international acoustic standards are in most of the EU countries based on sound reduction index Rw (dB) and its variants. It is already well known, that Rw (dB) doesn’t correspond to subjective assessment of noise filtered by the building construction sufficiently, mainly when comparing significantly different structures, such as “light weight and heavy weight” walls. Another, influencing factor in perception of acoustic comfort is sound insulation at frequencies bellow 100 Hz, which are in most of the EU countries not included in evaluation. In terms of preparation of classification scheme, proposal of a new parameter turned out to be essential. Proposal for a new SNQ will require careful research that will consist of theoretical modelling, computer simulations with auralisation outputs and laboratory listening tests, necessary for validation of newly proposed acoustic quantity.

Candidate should have a PhD degree in theory of building construction (related to building or room acoustics), or its equivalent. He/she should have the ability to perform programing in software Matlab or Visual basic and to work with Adobe audition and Odeon/CATT acoustics. Basic knowledge in psychoacoustics and signal processing as well as strong English writing and speaking skills are also recommended. It is required, that candidate is an author or a co-author of at least one scientific peer-reviewed CC publication. He/she should be also able to work as an independent and flexible researcher in interdisciplinary teams.

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