Technical Officer (Business, Communication and Design)

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Job Type: Contract
Deadline: 30 Jun 2023

Key Responsibilities

  • Studio/Laboratory Management
    - Manage equipment loan as well as deployment of equipment.
    - Perform procurement and tracking of equipment and assets to meet teaching and research objectives.
    - Provide training to staff and students on usage of lab/studio equipment as well as development of equipment manuals.
  • Studio/Laboratory, Safety and Equipment Operations
    - Carry out Risk Assessment, and ensure compliance with Work, Safety and Health Regulations in the laboratories.
    - Preventive maintenance of equipment and asset items across laboratories
    - Provide support for practical, laboratory sessions and workshop preparation


Job Requirements

1. Possesses a diploma in Digital Media Production or Audio-Visual Technology related discipline
2. Have hands-on competence in media production equipment operation, setup & operating Audio-Visual technologies.
3. Have at least 5 years work experience in a digital media production environment or Audio-Visual technical operation.
4. Possess hand-on experience in procurement (e.g., direct purchasing, ITQ or Tender) and vendor management.
5. Have experience in setting up facilities for media production, establish equipment loan procedures and training users.


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