Senior Executive, Science and Anatomy Laboratories [LKCMedicine]

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Location: Singapore,
Job Type: FullTime

The Education Department of Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine is offering a Senior Executive position at our NTU Campus. This position will report directly to the Senior Assistant Manager of the Anatomy and Science Laboratory and will be primarily responsible for assisting with Anatomy and Science Practicals.


  • Performing literature review to devise new experimental designs to achieve learning outcomes.

  • Seek out new advancements in science and technology equipment to achieve learning outcomes.

  • Conduct demonstrations on laboratory techniques for PhD Teaching Assistants for each Science Practical.

  • Enhancing educational quality through creation and the maintenance of online educational resources including instructional videos guides for the Science Practicals and Science practical guides on cloud-based E-learning platforms.

  • Assess the efficiency of the instructional videos and quality of educator-student engagement.

  • Compliance with the school educational audit requirements by monitoring revisions of all practical guides and instructional videos.

  • Deliver precise technical guidance to students during lessons, ensuring their accurate completion of tasks.

  • Routine checks on equipment and facilities; safe storage of chemical; safe disposal of hazardous material; usage of appropriate safety signages; and updating of inventory and safety documents.

  • Assist in reconfiguration of laboratory set up to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.

  • Analyze and forecast expenditure to optimize spending for current and next fiscal year by tracking, comparing, and reporting estimated financial spending every quarterly.

  • Scheduling consumables purchases to meet procurement regulations.


  • A degree in biological science or equivalent

  • Molecular and biology laboratory management experience

  • Proficient in data collection and analysis using Excel

  • Proficient in using PowerPoint and Google Workspace

  • Team-player who can also work independently

  • Ability to listen and effectively communicate with a variety of audiences

  • Experience in large group practical demonstrations and small group teaching

  • Open to travelling between NTU and Novena campus, helping in school events when required

This is a 3 years contract appointment.

Hiring Institution: LKC

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