Senior Associate Director, East Asian Institute

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Location: Bukit Timah,

Job Purpose

The East Asian Institute (EAI or the Institute) at the National University of Singapore (NUS) is the preeminent place for academic and policy-oriented research on political, economic, and social developments in contemporary China (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan), as well as China’s economic relations with the world. It has also extended its research to Japan and Korea. The Institute engages in academic exchanges, participates in joint research projects with government ministries and statutory boards in Singapore, promotes collaborative programs with similar institutions globally, and organizes regional and international conferences and workshops on East Asian issues. Through its activities, the Institute aims to foster regional and global dialogue and active collaboration between policy researchers, academics, policymakers, and the private sector.

The Institute is headed by the Director, who works in consultation with the Institute’s advisory and management boards and provides leadership in all areas of EAI’s work, including developing new areas of research spanning the various faculties and schools in NUS, developing innovative processes and sound policies to make the Institute the hallmark of excellence, and fostering strong collaborative relations with other departments in the NUS broader ecosystem and beyond.  

EAI is now seeking to appoint a Senior Associate Director, who will play a crucial role in supporting the Director in implementing the Institute’s overall strategy and managing its daily operations.

Job Description

•    Leadership: Work with the Director in providing leadership by overseeing day-to-day operations, processes and administration to ensure alignment with the Institute’s mission and goals.
•    Communication and Outreach.  Oversee the development and implementation of the Institute’s communication strategy and outreach activities. Actively promote the Institute’s research and activities to potential participants, partners, and the broader public. Undertake strategic public relations engagements to expand the Institute’s visibility through all relevant physical and digital  media platforms. 
•    Recruitment and Visiting Programs. Work with the Director in managing the recruitment of research and visiting scholars. 
•    Financial Management: Guided by the Director, and in coordination with the Senior Manager, oversee the budget implementation, resources, procurement, and billing processes, optimizing fiscal responsibility and resource allocation.
•    Team Leadership: Inspire and foster a culture of professionalism, efficiency, and collaboration within EAI and across all relevant stakeholders in NUS..
•    Conference and Project Management: Oversee administrative and logistical aspects of conference organization and projects/workshops. 
•    Stakeholder Engagement: Foster lasting relationships with key stakeholders, including government agencies, academic institutions and thinktanks. 
•    General Administration Oversight: Guided by the Director, and in coordination with the Senior Manager, oversee the holistic management of all administrative functions, including human resources, procurement, technology, and finance. 


•    Master's degree or equivalent in a relevant field (e.g., journalism, public administration, business administration, or education).
•    At least 10 years of experience in fields such as journalism, program management, business development, partnership management, outreach, procurement, and general administration.
•    Strong leadership and management skills.
•    Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities.
•    Proven ability to work independently and collaboratively.
•    Knowledge and experience in effectively using and managing digital media platforms.


More Information

Location: Bukit Timah Campus

Organization: East Asian Institute

Department : East Asian Institute

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Job requisition ID : 23779

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