Research Fellow (Data Science, Computational Science and Engineering)

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Location: Kent Ridge,

Job Description

MathEXLab is looking for a self-motivated, proactive and highly creative Research Fellow in machine learning, natural language processing and sequence-to-sequence modeling for extreme weather forecasting applications. 
The ideal candidate should be skilled in coding, and software development, and be highly proficient in  Python, natural language processing and neural networks for sequence-to-sequence modeling.
The project is in collaboration with ECMWF, Argonne National Laboratory (USA), CNRS (France), and University of Cambridge (United Kingdom), the latter starting from 2023. The primary objective of the project is to provide a fast computational framework for extended-range extreme weather forecasts, as well as quantify damage and develop mitigation strategies for extreme weather events. 


-    PhD in Computer Science.
-    Good problem-solving skills.
-    Proficient in English writing and verbal communication skills.
-    Coding and software development (Python, Tensorflow or Pytorch).
-    Natural Language Processing.
-    Neural networks.

More Information

Location: Kent Ridge Campus

Organization: College of Design and Engineering

Department : Mechanical Engineering

Employee Referral Eligible: No

Job requisition ID : 19676

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