Research Engineer (UX, VR/AR) - JL1

Updated: 16 days ago
Job Type: Contract
Deadline: 30 Apr 2022

Looking for a research engineer to bring technical programming chops in the areas of computer graphics and immersive technologies (AR/VR/MR/XR), and to implement advanced usability scenarios with immersive technologies in real world vehicular commuting scenarios.

As a Research Engineer, you will work on a specific project and also amongst a diverse team of faculty members, engineers, industry partners and students. Technical skills, tremendous git-fu, versatility and enthusiasm are highly desired traits that will enable you to succeed in this fast paced environment

SIT has a strong applied research focus in usability and immersive technologies, with a diverse pool of interdisciplinary projects that work hand-in-hand with their industry partners.

Key Responsibilities:
● Design and create custom Virtual Reality (VR) interaction methods and 3D environment
● Design and develop research VR software artifacts and outcomes
● Procure and maintain equipment, software or related items
Job Requirements:
● Experience in developing in Unity 3D or similar game engines and domains related to immersive technologies (e.g., virtual, augmented, mixed realities)
● Knowledge of working in an Agile development team (e.g. Scrum and/or TDD) and with software version control
● Experience in designing complex solutions for complete digital environments will be advantageous
● Around 2-3 years of work experience in VR/AR projects and UX design
● Applicants with equivalent industry experience may be considered
● Preferably a Bachelors or Masters in computer science, computer engineering or equivalent
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