Research Engineer / Postdoctoral Research Fellow

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Research Engineer / Postdoctoral Research Fellow - 00C8I 



We are looking for a highly talented and motivated candidate to work on developing safe high energy density batteries by ultrathin composite membranes. The project will aim at reaching ultrathin, durable and selectively ion-conducting membranes to enhance the energy density and power performance of lithium- and sodium-based batteries, while maintaining easy processability. It will involve the use of operando XRD studies, operando solid-state NMR, as well as developing 3D printing techniques and interfacial engineering using Atomic Layer Deposition. Based on the background of the candidate he may also be given the opportunity to participate in computational materials design aspects of the overall project. The position will be open from 1 April for 2 years until 31 March 2022. An applying Research Engineer may be upgraded to Research Fellow once he completes his PhD.




  • For Employment as Postdoctoral Research Fellow: PhD in Material Science or related disciplines; for employment as Research Engineer: Bachelor Degree in Materials Science or related disciplines and several years of relevant research experience.

  • Prior knowledge of solid electrolytes for battery applications as well as of electrochemical characterisation of battery materials is required.

  • Basic knowledge in solid state NMR and 3D printing and is desirable.

  • Experience in atomic layer deposition (ALD) is appreciated.

  • Excellent writing and presentation skills.

  • Ability to work independently and in team projects.

: Research
Primary Location
: Kent Ridge
: Materials Science and Engineering
:  Full-time - Fixed Term (Contract)
Job Posting
: 06/02/2020, 2:46:19 PM 

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