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Yale-NUS College is a highly selective liberal arts and science college in Singapore. Co-founded by Yale University and the National University of Singapore, the College is committed to excellence in research and teaching in a full residential programme that integrates living and learning. Its curriculum educates students in Asian and Western intellectual traditions as well as current scientific thought. A student body of 1000 undergraduates from over 70 countries engages with 100 outstanding faculty from around the world through small classes and hands-on research. Students and faculty also have access to the wider resources of two world-leading research universities.


Yale-NUS College and the Center for Advanced 2D Materials at the National University of Singapore is recruiting several Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Assistants for the funded projects listed below.

Start dates are flexible.  For candidates currently in Singapore, the position could start immediately, while for candidates outside of Singapore, we anticipate a start date no earlier than Jan 2021


Funded Projects 

(1) Properties of twisted moiré van der Waals heterostructures (with Shaffique Adam).  Theoretical or computational expertise in either superconductivity (conventional or unconventional) or experience calculating the electronic properties of twisted 2D materials (e.g. continuum model, DFT, Hartree-Fock) is strongly preferred.

(2) Many body localization (with Pinaki Sengupta [NTU], Shaffique Adam and opportunities to collaborate with Fakher Assaad [Würzburg] ).  Theoretical expertise in diagrammatic perturbation and/or renormalization group analysis or computational expertise in quantum Monte Carlo simulations is strongly preferred.

(3) Electron hydrodynamics (with Shaffique Adam, and opportunities to collaborate with Giovanni Vignale [Missouri] and Oleg Sushkov [UNSW]).  Expertise in hydrodynamics or diagrammatic perturbation theory is strongly preferred.

(4) Simulation of fermions trapped in optical lattices (with Kai Dieckmann and Shaffique Adam).  Computational expertise in lattice models is strongly preferred.


We are accepting applications for the postdoctoral positions from candidates who have a Ph.D. in either theoretical or computational condensed matter physics, or a closely related field.

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Location: Kent Ridge

Organization: Yale-NUS College

Department : Division of Science

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