Donor Relations Manager (Cancer Science Institute)

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Job Summary

Being a Donor Relations Manager, you will have to effectively build meaningful connections with Cancer Science Institute of Singapore (CSI) and the University's donors while implementing personalized donor engagement plans that strategically aligns with CSI's vision, mission and ongoing research initiatives. You will also need to demonstrate a genuine passion for philanthropic work and a strong belief in the mission and vision of higher-education institutions. You must be able to showcase a strong ability to build and maintain relationships with diverse individuals, including donors, colleagues, and stakeholders. This requires the possession of exceptional written and verbal communication skills to articulate the goals and impact of CSI effectively to potential donors.

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Program Development:

    • Develop and implement effective donor engagement programs that align with organizational fundraising objectives.
    • Create processes to systematically engage, cultivate, and recognize donor constituencies.
  • Donor Relations Initiatives:

    • Oversee comprehensive donor relations initiatives, including communication strategies, recognition programs, and stewardship efforts.
    • Ensure that donor engagement activities are in line with organizational stewardship objectives.
  • Collaboration and Communication:

    • Serve as the communicative link between various departments and faculty members to optimize donor engagement efforts.
    • Facilitate effective communication and collaboration to enhance the overall donor experience.
  • Reporting and Documentation:

    • Compile reports from different faculties for donors, providing them with transparent and detailed insights into the impact of their contributions.
    • Ensure accurate and timely documentation of donor-related information.
  • Editorial Excellence:

    • Edit and proofread donor relations materials to ensure they meet the highest editorial standards.
    • Craft compelling and accurate narratives that effectively communicate the impact of donors' contributions.
  • Donor Contact Point:

    • Serve as a primary contact point for donors, addressing their inquiries, concerns, and providing timely updates on the impact of their support.
  • Proactive Relationship Building:

    • Play a proactive role in seeking support from donors and building strong working relationships with various stakeholders within the University.
    • Identify opportunities for collaboration and partnership that align with the University's and donors' interests.
  • Flexibility and Additional Duties:

    • Undertake and perform additional duties as assigned, showcasing flexibility and adaptability to evolving needs within the donor relations role.
  • Stakeholder Engagement:

    • Build and maintain strong working relationships with internal and external stakeholders to enhance donor engagement and support.
  • Data Management and Analysis:

    • Utilize data analytics and management tools to assess the effectiveness of donor engagement initiatives and make informed recommendations for improvement.
  • Budget Management:

    • Manage budgets associated with donor relations programs, ensuring efficient use of resources to maximize impact.
  • Adherence to Ethical Standards:

    • Adhere to ethical standards and guidelines in all donor relations activities, ensuring transparency and integrity.

    • Degree from a recognised University.

    • Strong written and verbal communication skills

    • Minimum 8 years’ experience in professions that demonstrate customer engagement skills

    • Excellent team player and ability to manage multiple stakeholders with excellent interpersonal and problem-solving skills

    • Experience in service industry is an added advantage

    • Values philanthropy and a strong desire to contribute to community building

    More Information

    Interested applicants should include the following documents in the job application

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)

  • At least 2 referees including their name, contact information (email) and relationship to applicant


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