Associate Director (Faculty Research), NUS Law

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Location: Bukit Timah,

Job Description

The National University of Singapore Faculty of Law is widely regarded as Asia’s leading law school. Staffed by an outstanding permanent faculty diverse in origin and qualifications, NUS Law is dedicated to building a vibrant community and creating an environment that facilitates critical thinking and reflection on the fundamental legal issues confronting our interconnected world.
You will play a crucial role in supporting the Vice Dean (Research) as the administrative lead to manage the full spectrum of initiatives and programmes of the Office of Vice Dean (Research). This includes:
Faculty Research
•    Research Grants, Funding, Awards and Fellowships
•    Research Conferences, Symposiums, Seminar Series, Research Workshops and Research Blogs
•    Research Initiatives and MOU-related Collaborations
•    Faculty Publications and Journals
•    Research related HR, Finance and General Administration
•    Research Website and Intranet
•    Doctoral Programme
•    Post-Doctoral Programme
•    Visiting Scholars and Researchers Programme
•    Manage the Doctoral Programme which includes overseeing the publicity, facilitating candidate selection and orientation, supporting the students' academic needs and well-being, tracking their milestones to ensure that they meet their graduation requirements, administering the students’ research funding, scholarships and prizes and organising activities to create a vibrant graduate research community.
•    Manage the Post-doctoral Programme which includes overseeing the publicity, facilitating candidate selection and orientation.
•    Oversee Research Grants, Faculty Research and Conference Funding, Leadership Team Research Allowance, Chair Funds, Awards and Fellowships Administration.
•    Primary liaison point for faculty members on research maters and support Principal Investigators’ research projects from application, approval, tracking, student researchers, events to final reports.
•    Organize research seminars, workshops and conferences.
•    Prepare various management reports to the Faculty Research Committee and the University’s Office of the Deputy President (Research and Technology) and NUS Graduate School.
•    Facilitate research policy matters and change in processes.
•    Oversee the dissemination of Faculty Research opportunities and initiatives through the website.
•    Oversee the administrative aspects of the Singapore Journal of Legal Studies.
•    Plan manpower and resource allocation for administration of the programmes and cover work duties of team members, when needed.
•    Perform staff development, training, appraisal and coaching of the administrative team members.
•    Provide secretariat support for the Vice Dean (Research) and her administrative committees as assigned by Vice Dean (Research)


• Possess a recognized university degree
• At least 10 years of experience in fields such as programme management, research and grants administration, and general administration.
• Excellent analytical, writing, communication, interpersonal and organizational skills with a high degree of stress tolerance
• Meticulous, independent, resourceful, responsible, responsive and adaptable to changes
• Positive work attitude

More Information

Location: Bukit Timah Campus

Organization: Law

Department : Dean's Office (Law)

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Job requisition ID : 23379

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