Web Administrator

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Saudi Arabia
Web Administrator

The Web Administrator is responsible of managing the University website both English and Arabic. The Web Administrator performs as an editor of the website. This includes publishing content on both English and Arabic KAUST websites, confirming the website is up to date, and providing best practices on how to improve traffic to the website. The candidate needs to have solid technical and professional communications skills to be able to perform day to day tasks.

  • Keep KAUST websites up-to-date by publishing provided content in a timely manner for both the English and Arabic websites
  • Liaise with English and Arabic content teams when required and plan for upcoming features
  • Provide time estimates for level of effort in developing (HTML/CSS) and publishing content
  • Keep the website up to date by publishing content in a timely manner
  • Keep both KAUST websites (English/Arabic) in sync making sure content is published on both sites
  • Keep track of published material and changes made to both sites
  • Keep content consistent (English/Arabic terminologies) by highlighting inconsistencies to relevant team members
  • Highlight and action any out of date information if found
  • Perform and track maintenance and updates
  • Manage the timely completion of quality assurance activities for the website
  • Contact relevant team(s) in case of missing information or content
  • Follow overall project and/or task timelines devised by the department or responsible teams
  • Manage, organize and schedule personal tasks
  • Create page mockups and arrange necessary approvals to push content online
  • Inform stakeholder(s) and proponent(s) about updates
  • Liaise with Design and Development teams to build required features and their implementation on both English/Arabic sites
  • Provide a monthly report on website traffic
  • Know both English/Arabic sites inside out for locating information
  • Perform other duties as requested by management
Saudi Affairs
  • Be able to produce basic reports on website updates on weekly/monthly basis
  • Master HTML/CSS
  • Understanding of how CMS works
  • Be able to analyze website traffic and understand various matrix
  • Can use website analytical tools such as Google Analytics
  • Understanding of SEO and site-wide implementation
  • Ability to maintain job related, social, organizational and ethical norms.
  • An awareness of the importance of confidentiality and the ability to differentiate public from confidential information.  Able to maintain strict confidentiality when necessary.
  • Develops positive working relationships with students / staff / customers, identifies and seeks to meet their needs.  Is courteous, patient, pleasant and helpful with people’s concerns; takes actions to accommodate people’s needs whenever possible. Treats them as first priority and actively seeks to improve service.
  • Ability to adapt and work effectively within a variety of situations, and with various individuals or groups.
  • Pays attention to detail and initiates self-checking procedures; ensures high levels of accuracy and consistent quality.  Monitors quality and devises systems to support continuous improvement.
  • Bachelor’s in related field
  • Minimum 5 years’ professional experience in related field
·          At least 6 years of directly related experience with commercial art, preferably in a high volume environment
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