Startup Incubator Lead

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Position Summary

The Startup Incubator Lead position oversees and tracks the strategic objectives of KAUST Entrepreneurship Center. The position also develops and manages the execution and tract ionof innovation programs, build thought leadership content and contributes significantly in the development of the startups pipeline to the accelerator program. The role outreaches to external audience as well contributes to engage with local universities and community initiatives around ideation programs.

Major responsibilities

 Entrepreneurship Center Strategic Responsibilities:

  • Develop and manage innovation challenges and hackathons
  • Manage and report on the Key Performance Indicators of KAUST Entrepreneurship Center
  • Curate startups to the accelerator programs from the innovation programs
  • Mentor and support startups in the different programs within KAUST entrepreneurship center
  • Build and maintain relationships with key international organizations to collaborate on scaling up the innovation programs
  • Align the innovation programs activities with the current activities in the  Entrepreneurship Center
  • Represent KAUST Entrepreneurship Center in local and international events and conference to share the lessons learned and

Thought Leadership Responsibilities

  • Create new content to be used in KAUST EC and export it to regional and international institutions
  • Direct and manage the research efforts to create knowledge about the startup ecosystem to be shared with the policy makers, universities and companies interested into this space
  • Lead efforts to scale KAUST EC innovation programs in Saudi and beyond.
  • Explore new frontiers by initiating new projects to position KAUST Entrepreneurship Center as a key player in the region.


  • Fluency in Arabic and English languages.
  • Understanding of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • Ability to work alone as well as in teams.
  • Strong communication skills and problem solver.
  • Ability to design and manage innovation programs at a large scale

Educational Requirements:

  • Bachelor degree in Science,Engineering or Business, a graduate studies in business related major is a strong preference.
  • Continuous learning and trends monitoring for innovation and entrepreneurship topics.

Experience Requirements:

  • Seven to ten years of diverse experience in large corporation and startups.
  • Startup experience in the Saudi entrepreneurial ecosystem

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