Research Scientist

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Location: Saudi Arabia,
Job Type: FullTime

King Abdullah International medical Research Center (KAIMRC), a state of the art and international Biomedical R&D center part of a leading academic medical center based in Saudi Arabia and offering attractive opportunities for enthusiastic candidates in the following R&D areas: ( )

We are searching for the following careers:

Position: Research Scientist

Job requirements: at least 6 years of experience after PhD.

Principal Duties:

· Manages and leads the development and administration of basic Medical Research and Human Clinical Trials Research Project; Conduct research and clinical investigations and execute planned experiments.

· Makes independent decisions on routine issues and recommend scientific approaches and solutions; Assist in the periodic assessment of ongoing laboratory research studies.

· Assists in seeking a progressive growth of investigative work at KAIMRC by submitting proposals for extramural funding of stimulating investigative studies by other medical and research staff members, and by appropriate promotional efforts of the KAIMRC academic programs.

· Evaluates scientific, medical diagnostics, pathologists' research applications received from members of the KAIMRC staff and for improving the quality of research proposals prior to submission to the research council for review. · Safeguards the safety guidelines when dealing with laboratory materials.

· Trains junior researchers, technologists and other KAIMRC staff on new experiments, platforms, equipment and technologies

· promotes teamwork, communications and sharing of information between projects in the domain of expertise;

· Participates in long-term planning of research activities at KAIMRC or in the field; assist in the development of the Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Research Center reports.

· Maintains the Research Laboratories in the Research Center based on higher specialty.

· Performs other job related duties as required.          

Required Specialties:

  • Cancer vaccines and Cancer Immunotherapy: :: Candidates required with PhD or equivalent with scientific background in cancer research, Experimental immunology (flow cytometry, immune assays, cell culture, scRNA), T cell immunology (human or mouse models), CRISPR gene-engineering of immune cells, single cell analyses, T cell exhaustion, and T cell receptor engineering, cancer genetics.
  • Gene therapy: Candidates required with with PhD. or equivalent with scientific background in genetics, gene therapy, cell transduction, cloning, mRNA technology platform, delivery vehicles (viral vectors, LNPs)  CRISPR technology, molecular biology, single-cell analytics and bioinformatics  

    Cellular Therapy: Candidates required with PhD. or PhD/MD or equivalent with scientific background in cell transduction, viral vector development, CAR-T Cell therapy approaches, molecular and cellular biology, GMP processes  

    Infectious Diseases: Candidates required with PhD. or equivalent with scientific background in virology, including molecular virology, vaccine development, BSL3 experience and bacteriology including antimicrobial resistance (AMR), bacterial genomics and bioinformatics  

    Proteomics: Candidates required  with PhD. or equivalent with scientific background in Quantitative proteomics,  system biology, mass spectrometry, molecular biology or chemistry  

    Bioequivalence and Pharmaceutical Products Analysis: Candidates required with MSc or PhD. or equivalent with scientific background in Pharmaceutical product analysis/ quality control/ methods of analysis development, Pharmacokinetics- Pharmacodynamics (PK-PD), Bioequivalence studies, chemistry, mass spectrometry  

    Biomedical Engineering: Candidates required with PhD. or equivalent with scientific background in medical devices Prototyping, medical/diagnostic Product development,, Medical and diagnostic devices engineering  

    Nanomedicine: Candidates required with PhD. or equivalent with scientific background in Nanoparticles synthesis and characterization, Molecular sensors for diagnostics, drug delivery and chemistry  

    Bioinformatics, computational biology and Data Science: Candidates required with PhD. or equivalent with scientific background in bioinformatics, data science, drug discovery, whole genome sequencing, machine learning and artificial intelligence  

    Biostatistics: Candidates required with PhD. or equivalent with scientific background in biostatistics, Clinical Trials, Survival Analysis, Statistical Sampling, Statistical Genetics, and experimental Design  

    Population health: Candidates required with PhD. or equivalent with scientific background in popRegistry development, surveillance based research, epidemiology , cancer population health  

    Bioethics: Candidates with PhD. with strong interest and experience in bioethics and prior experience contributing to or managing institutional review boards, including strong analytical research capabilities and ability to prepare research and ethics review reports.  

    Clinical Trials: Candidates with PhD/MD with prior experience conducting clinical trials and managing multi-site clinical trials at the international level. Very good understanding and ability to prepare and review clinical trials study plans, monitoring and submission to regulatory agencies For further consideration, you may submit your CV via the following link [email protected]

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