Professor of "Materials for the Geo-energy Sector"

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We seek a candidate who is an expert in Novel engineered materials
relevant to subsurface needs for the energy sector, including Materials
and processes in the subsurface under extreme P-T-stress-chemistry
conditions. The research will be applied to wells, drilling muds, loss
circulation, Seal healing and reservoir engineering.

The Energy Resources and Petroleum Engineering Academic Program for both M.S. and Ph.D. students focuses on modern reservoir description, engineering and management.  Students in this program receive broad training in basic scientific concepts and thermodynamics, geology, geophysical characterization, and reservoir engineering.  Our students participate in scientific research activities that may include mathematical analyses, computational modeling, experimental research and/or field studies.  Ph.D. candidates focus on original research driven to advance the boundaries of knowledge.

PSE division invites applications for faculty position at Assistant and Associate Professor ranks.

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