Multimedia and Audio-Visual Specialist

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Job Purpose:

The Multimedia and Audio-Visual specialist will provide and facilitate the full spectrum of university audio-visual services and activities. The post-holder will report to and when required deputise for, the Head of Multimedia and Audio-Visual, and may be required to supervise a small team of audio-visual staff and an in-house film crew.

The post-holder will be required to project manage, produce and direct audio-visual and multimedia for large scale events typically hosted in the University auditorium. In addition, the post holder will be required to supervise and direct the in-house film crew when shooting on location and in the university media studios.

The post-holder will also assist the Head of Multimedia and Audio-Visual with the running and operation of the university media studios and auditorium and the audio-visual equipment and software held therein.

Major Accountabilities:

  • Provides support to and deputizes for the Head of Multimedia and Audio-Visual.
  • Leads a team of audio-visual staff competently and effectively to provide timely and professional audio-visual services.
  • Manages large and complex audio-visual projects and acts as the lead contact for audio-visual service requests received from internal clients and stakeholders, ensuring that projects are delivered to agreed standards and timescales.
  • Directs photography, audio and lighting, including the leading of crew and direction of talent, when filming / recording in the studio and on-location as well as at corporate events typically held in the university auditorium.
  • Ensures that the audio-visual equipment and software used and managed by the audio-visual team is of the required standard, is in good working order, and is up to date and reliable.
  • Oversees systems and processes to accurately record, track and monitor audio-visual support requests in order to manage the team’s time effectively and deploy resources efficiently.
  • Contributes effectively to the creative process and collaborates effectively with GBC colleagues and internal clients offering ideas, solutions, suggestions and improvements.
  • Manages and operates live streaming and video conferencing platforms and associated studio systems for major university events.

Person Requirements:


  • Must have extensive knowledge of professional studio grade audio-visual equipment and standards in both a studio and auditorium/theatre setting e.g., cameras, microphones, vision mixers, audio desks, lighting, rigging, LED screens etc.
  • Must have extensive knowledge of live broadcast and video streaming equipment and standards.
  • Must have extensive experience of providing and managing audio-visual services in an auditorium or theatre.
  • Must have experience of shooting and editing video using professional broadcast quality cameras and editing equipment.
  • Needs to have a high level of IT literacy including a good understanding of networking and web technology.
  • Needs to have excellent organizational skills and be adept at working under pressure in a live broadcast environment.
  • Needs to be a confident and assertive individual capable of leading a team of professional specialist staff to deliver exceptional service in a high pressure environment.
  • Ability to work simultaneously on numerous different projects
  • Ability to develop strong working relationships with colleagues across the department, other academic staff, and external contractors
  • Fluent in written and spoken English.


Essential: Bachelor’s Degree preferably in an audio-visual related discipline.


  • Essential: At least five years of industry experience providing the full gamut of professional audio-visual services for a large corporate institution or conference center or media production company.
  • Essential: At least three years’ experience working with or as part of, a professional film crew.
  • Essential: At least three years’ of experience filming and video editing using professional grade camera and editing equipment.
  • Essential: At least three years of experience leading a team and managing junior members of staff.
  • Essential: Experience of providing audio-visual services for large scale events and/or TV broadcast.
  • Desirable: Experience of directing photography and leading film crews.

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