Faculty Positions in Chemical Engineering 2021/22

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The KAUST  Chemical Engineering (ChemE) program seeks candidates at all ranks who will develop a world-class competitive research program on one or multiple of the following key areas:

  • Life Cycle Analysis / Energy Systems, with expertise in new methods for life cycle analysis (LCA) with a focus on economics and scaling of technologies, developing and applying mathematical models of energy systems, performing systems-level analysis of technology performance and its impact on the economy and society, and evaluating the environmental impacts of energy technology by using life cycle assessment. The required background of the candidate is a PhD in engineering with experience in economic, innovation, and technology development with ability to conduct LCA in the context of energy systems and technologies.
  • Process Engineering, with expertise in advanced design of unit operations (adsorption, absorption, membranes, hybrids) and catalytic processes. The successful applicant is expected to develop process schemes to reduce energy cost of highly energy intensive industrial-scale separations. Some knowledge of AI focused on data science and analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence for scientific discovery are required. Application areas may include process control and intensification, sustainable energy, advanced catalyst platforms, materials discovery, advanced separation processes, predictive maintenance, and machine learning for integration of operational and informational technologies.
  • Surface Science in Chemical Engineering, with focus on fundamental science applied to ultrathin films, surfaces and interfaces. The successful applicant is expected to develop state-of-the-art analytical surface and interface methods. Candidates with demonstrated capability to advance the areas of interfacial phenomena in materials, membranes and devices are encouraged to apply.

The ChemE programs plays a pivotal role in supporting KAUST strategic initiatives: artificial intelligence, climate and livability, smart health and cybersecurity. Applications that would strengthen our footprint in one or more of these initiatives will be strongly considered.

Faculty in the ChemE program conducts research on a broad range of chemical engineering topics addressing fundamental questions relating to polymer science, thermodynamics, reaction engineering, mass transport in liquid and gas phases, surface science, and separation science and technology.  The ChemE program offers opportunities to develop real-world solutions to global challenges by leveraging basic discoveries in the chemical and biological sciences. Three KAUST research centers are associated with ChemE: KAUST Catalysis Center (http://kcc.kaust.edu.sa), Advanced Membranes, and Porous Materials (http://ampm.kaust.edu.sa), and the Clean Combustion Research Center (http://ccrc.kaust.edu.sa).

About the PSE Division and KAUST

The ChemE program belongs to the Physical Science and Engineering Division that comprises seven Degree Programs: Material Science and Engineering, Applied Physics, Earth Science and Engineering, Energy Resources and Petroleum Engineering, Chemical Science, Chemical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. These disciplines provide the foundation for our Division's quest to address some of the major challenges that we face in the world today, including those related to energy and the environment. Specifically, our faculty members and their research teams work on topics as diverse as: photovoltaics, super capacitors, porous materials for carbon capture and membranes, clean combustion, atmospheric modeling, new polymers and composite for smart materials and structures.

KAUST is an international graduate research university dedicated to advancing science and technology through interdisciplinary research, education, and innovation. Located in Saudi Arabia, on the western shores of the Red Sea, KAUST offers superb research facilities, generous baseline research funding, and internationally competitive salaries, together with unmatched living conditions for individuals and families. More information about KAUST academic programs and research activities are available at:


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