Chemical Safety Specialist

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Job Purpose:

The Chemical Safety Specialist will oversee the management of chemicals. You will train people in the safe use of chemicals, respond to spills and emergencies, perform laboratory inspections, lead risk assessment and service activities involving chemicals, and investigate accidents and injuries that involve chemicals. 

You will manage the hazardous materials programs at KAUST to ensure safe and proper use, handling, transport, storage, and disposal of hazardous materials. 

As the Chemicals Safety Specialist you will lead Chemical safety oversight in research across campus, and in programs such as clean combustion, catalysis, petroleum engineering, advanced membranes, porous materials, Nano-fabrication, clean rooms, bioscience and marine research. 

Major Accountabilities:

You will:

  • Serve in a supportive role with campus administrative units, unit safety contacts and campus emergency responders.
  • Recommend, develop and deliver Chemical safety training for employees, including particular hazardous substances.
  • Develop guidelines, plans, and standard operating procedures for campus research safety programs.
  • Perform chemical risk assessments and determine risk mitigation strategies.
  • Monitor compliance with, and effectiveness of existing policies and procedures for employee safety and awareness programs.
  • Create, implement, and revise plans and procedures for the storage, handling, and disposal of hazardous materials on campus.
  • Investigate incidents that involve hazardous materials to determine their root cause, and identify preventative mechanisms.  Perform follow-up inspections to ensure corrective action effectiveness.
  • Conduct inspections of research related incidents and follow up with corrective actions.
  • Perform baseline analysis of chemicals with unknown properties.
  • Give technical guidance relative to material safety data sheets interpretation.
  • Inspect chemical storage areas to verify proper labeling, containers, and compatibility of chemicals stored on campus.
  • Evaluate and recommend personal protective equipment.
  • Support Industrial Hygiene investigations relative to occupational exposures, IAQ and other chemical concerns.
  • Review lab design, retrofit and upgrade drawings and provide comment on code/best practice elements.
  • Oversee toxic & flammable gas management program.
  • Serve as an emergency coordinator regarding hazardous material spills and accidents.  Respond to spills and emergencies; interface closely with the KAUST F.D. in support of emergency response.
  • Provide guidance and oversight on safe shipment and transportation of chemicals.


You will have:

  • Bachelor's degree in Chemistry, Environmental Health and Safety,  or equivalent degree. MSc is preferred.
  • Certified Chemical Hygiene Officer, Certified Hazardous Materials Manager, or equivalent certification is preferred.


You will:

  • Have 5-10 years' experience in a Chemical safety specialist discipline, and of working in a University or Research and Development setting.
  • Possess demonstrable knowledge of Scientific Materials, Chemicals, and Equipment is essential.
  • Be experienced with Hazardous Waste Management, Synthetic Chemistry exposure is preferred.

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