Chemical Safety Specialist

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Saudi Arabia
Chemical Safety Specialist
This position is responsible to oversee the management of chemicals, including such functions as training others in the safe use of chemicals, responding to spills and emergencies, performing laboratory inspections, risk assessment and service activities involving chemicals, and investigating accidents and injuries that involve chemicals.  
  • Perform chemical risk assessment and determine risk mitigation strategies.
  • Recommend, develop and deliver chemical safety training for employees, including particular hazardous substances.
  • Monitor compliance with, and effectiveness of, existing policies and procedures.
  • Recommend improvements to workplace procedures and employee safety and awareness programs.
  • Investigate incidents that involve chemicals to determine their root cause, and identify preventative mechanisms.
  • Assist with research lab inspections.
  • Submit corrective recommendations concerning unsafe working conditions.
  • Perform baseline analysis of chemicals with unknown properties.
  • Perform follow up inspections after corrective actions are completed.
  • Give technical guidance relative to material safety data sheets interpretation.
  • Inspect chemical storage areas to verify proper labeling, containers, and compatibility of chemicals stored on Campus.
  • Co-facilitate chemical hygiene and hazard communication programs and workshops.
  • Evaluate personal protective equipment in various departments at each campus.
  • Oversee toxic gas management program.
  • Respond to spills and emergencies and indoor air quality complaints in Campus labs.
  • Serve as an emergency coordinator regarding hazardous material spills and accidents.
  • Investigate employee complaints relative to occupational chemical exposure, indoor air quality.
  • Lead compliance oversight of chemical safety in research field including, but not limited to clean combustion, chemical catalysis, petroleum engineering, advance membranes and porous material, nano - material and clean rooms, as well as bioscience and marine research.
  • Provide guidance and oversight on safe shipment and transportation of chemicals on public roads, as well as within KAUST
  • Work closely with the Chemical Warehouse and Procurement Department on safe procurement and storage of chemicals.
Facilities Management
Health, Safety & Environment Management
  • This job requires a person to be physically fit, occasionally work at height, climb ladders, and move around between facilities (can be outdoors and indoors).  
  • The use of protective clothing may be required.
  • A willingness to occasionally work overtime, for example during emergencies and during KAUST events.
  • Follow KAUST H&S rules and immediately report or intervene in unsafe conditions.
  • Responds decisively whilst maintaining composure, to changing needs and environments.
  • Persistent, resilient, patient and has perspective.
  • Committed to the vision of KAUST.
  • Displays a positive attitude and maintain a high level of professional integrity.
  • Remains current on new technology, methodology and equipment as it relates to H&S.
  • Ability to clearly articulate messages to a variety of people and with a talent for influencing others towards a common goal.
  • Ability to work without direct supervision.
  • Ability to work effectively at all levels in an organization.
  • Ability to read and interpret H&S codes, standards, procedures, regulations etc.
  • A team player and able to work collaboratively with and through others.
  • Proven ability to establish structure where there is none.
  • Proficiency in English (written and spoken).
  • Remains current on new technology, methodology and equipment as it relates to H&S.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry or Environmental Health and Safety.
  • Master's degree in Chemistry or Environmental Health and Safety will be preferred
  • Certified Chemical Hygiene Officer or equivalent.
  • Computer skills including previous experience using job related software and spreadsheets
  • Knowledge of scientific materials, chemicals and equipment.
5-10 years’ experience in discipline and working in a university setting.
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