Capillary and Third Generation Sequencing Team Lead

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Capillary and Third Generation Sequencing Team Lead
The lead of the Capillary and third generation sequencing team at the Bioscience Core Lab (BCL) oversees the daily operations that the team is covering. It is crucial to have a well-functioning team that is up to the tasks and stays ahead of the fast-changing technologies. Besides close interactions with the team members, the lead will be working with the overall BCL team, the users, PIs, the lab director, and other stakeholders.
The role covers supervision of the team, and managing operations, projects, and platforms/assets. The lead scientist is responsible for directing, coaching and mentoring technicians and scientists in a positive way. The team lead demonstrates scientific expertise and specific detailed working knowledge of sophisticated instruments and the capability to develop and optimize lab methodologies involving advanced scientific problems. The lead scientist shows creativity and productivity. The field is very dynamic, and the team will continuously develop new methods and technologies.
We are a core lab facility, and the working environment and mentality is service- and support-oriented in a cooperative spirit. A positive mindset and a persistent and resilient nature to support the future progress and success of the laboratory is a requirement. In addition, the person in this role is expected to fulfill a multitude of other department and university-related tasks.
•    Oversees the daily operations of the team successfully, and ensures the release of excellent data quality for genetic and genomic research projects. Is responsible for efficient daily operations of the functional areas. 
•    Acts as Lab Safety Representative, and ensures good laboratory practice and safety in the work area at all times. Develops and ensures implementation of appropriate lab safety plans.
•    Works together with the other team leads and director to ensure smooth operations and further development of BCL.
•    Conducts lab meetings as required and assign projects/experiments/tasks.
•    Motivates and supervises team members. Creates a positive working environment, and acts as a role model.
•    Provides feedback to the team and reports up to the BCL director.
•    Provides training and coaching of junior staff. 
•    Advises lab users and PIs in the effective utilization of lab resources.
•    Contributes to an effective and efficient asset management strategy.
•    Leads development, implementation, and assessment of new assays and technologies on a need basis.
•    Manages the processing of special molecular biology samples that do not have standard protocols.
•    Develops and implements quality control/quality assurance protocols.
•    Plans, writes, and oversees development of standard operating procedures (SOPs), work instructions (WIs) and guidelines.
•    Supervises team members in documentation processes and usage of SOPs and WIs. 
•    Reviews project relevant documentation. 
•    Works with the team to establish proper training courses in genomics techniques for the users.
•    Designs and provides advanced training to the end-user.
•    Plans and performs preventative maintenance; ability to troubleshoot and maintain equipment. Supervises and trains team members on these tasks.
•    Stays up to date on the most advanced techniques and methodologies and shares knowledge with other staff.
•    Organizes, supervises and participates in periodic lab cleanup and organization. Motivates team members to participate actively.
•    Empowers team members to proactively and independently ensure maintenance and uptime of lab equipment assigned (to individual team member), and to manage general lab duties.
•    Performs other duties that may come up or is assigned by BCL director.
Core Labs
•    Excellent leadership skills and previous experience leading others. Possesses the capability to supervise and motivate team members with a positive mindset.
•    Manage the performance of the team.
•    Demonstrates scientific expertise and specific detailed working knowledge of sophisticated instruments, facilities, and methods in the genomics field.
•    Capability to develop and optimize sophisticated lab methodologies involving advanced scientific problems.
•    Strong scientific and technical problem-solving skills.
•    General laboratory skills such as following safety procedures and SOPs, neatness, documentation, following written methods 
•    Writes SOPs, WIs and excels in documentation. Can bring the quality standards to the next level.
•    Has the capability to supervise the lab in the usage of SOPs, WIs and documentation workflow.
•    Good organizational skills and can keep neat work areas.
•    Enthusiastic about developing educational courses and provide training for others.
•    Ability to work well in a team and collaborate with others.
•    Is dynamic and persistent. Follows through and completes processes and tasks.
•    Embraces implementation of changes.
•    Proactive personality and positive mindset. Is a good role model.
•    Excellent written and oral communication skills.
•    A Ph.D. in Genetics, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, or related field with extensive experience.
•    A minimum of 2 years experience leading a team and at least 4 relevant work experience post Graduation
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