Bioinformatics Scientist

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Bioinformatics Scientist
The individual serves the Bioscience Core Lab and Core Labs mission to support research at KAUST and regionally by providing advanced techniques and expertise for custom and routine genome analysis.
With the exponential increase happening in quantity, diversity, and complexity of the data produced in the Bioscience Core Laboratory there’s a need for trained individuals involved in primary data processing, workflow tracking, data management and data analysis (method developments and assessments). The role involves as well training and support of users. The bioinformatics analyst will have solid skilled expertise in the main bioinformatics analysis tools and the ability to stay ahead of a fast-changing technology. Service-orientation and strong enthusiasm for supporting top research in a highly competitive environment are also required. The person in this role works closely with the team lead, other members of the core unit and the Bioscience Core Lab Director. The work involves both routine and method developments. The laboratory is a core facility, and there are interactions with users and discussions about their research projects. The scientist will be responsible for data processing and data management, but will also have projects to manage in terms of developments for new data tools/training, new processes, documentation or assessments with the lab. The person in this position must be open to a fast-changing environment, and willing and supportive of alterations. We are a core lab facility, and the working environment and mentality is service- and support-oriented in a cooperative spirit. The Staff Scientist at this level has extensive experience in designing and building analytical methods and pipelines, as well as performing daily operations. A positive mindset and a persistent and resilient nature to support the future progress and success of the laboratory is a requirement. In addition, the person in this role is expected to fulfill a multitude of other department and university-related tasks.

Significantly contributes to the advancements and developments of BCL through bioinformatics support and collaboration with the team lead and director.
Identifies, designs and executes bioinformatics tasks to meet team goals. 
Leads development and optimization of novel methodologies/tools involving advanced scientific problems.
Stays ahead of the field, and creates and implements changes persistently.
Partners with research groups who have limited bioinformatics resources mainly through educational engagement and collaborations.
Provides expert advice to users and PIs regarding advanced data analysis methods.
Supports the laboratory in setting up experimental protocols and conducting assay developments by providing expert data analysis advice.
Supports workflow optimization in the lab by developing monitoring and tracking tools, and assessments of assays.
Works with the team to establish training courses in the assessment of sequencing data quality and data analysis.
Designs and provides advanced training to end-user (biologists and bioinformaticians) on primary data quality assessment and analysis tools.
Provides training and coaching to junior staff.
Develops and implements quality control/quality assurance protocols within work context.
Plans, writes and oversees development of SOPs, WIs, and documentation. Shows excellence in documentation.
Other duties as assigned by the Bioinformatics Team Lead and BCL director
Core Labs

Extensive expertise as data scientist in bioinformatics and computational biology with experience in NGS. Additional experience in proteomics is a plus.
Possesses detailed working knowledge.
Full fluency in alignment, annotation and diverse variants calling tools (Bowtie, BWA, bamtools, samtools, GATK, etc…).
Experience with PacBio data analysis is a plus.
Proficiency in Python, Perl or R. Solid bash scripting ability. 
Substantial experience working in an HPC Unix/Linux environment.
Strong background in development of NGS automation pipelines and NGS data analysis.
Working knowledge of a web programming language (JavaScript, PHP ...) is a plus.
Good experience with relational databases (SQL).

Solid knowledge of molecular biology from the bioinformatics viewpoint. 
General laboratory skills such as following safety procedures and SOPs, neatness, documentation, following written methods. 
Enthusiastic about developing educational courses and training for others.
Ability to work well in a team and collaborate with others.
Is dynamic and persistent. Embraces implementation of changes. Follows through and completes processes and tasks.
Proactive personality and positive mindset. Is a good role model.
Good organizational skills. Writes manuals/work procedures. Excels in documentation.
Excellent written and oral communication skills.
PhD degree in bioinformatics, computational biology or similar field
6 -  8 years proven experience in molecular biology
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