Call for awarding a half time research fellowship (RF) in the scope of the assessment of the performance of the fire smoke systems in buildings and underground space

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Deadline: 29 Sep 2023

1 Sep 2023
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Human Resources and Facilities Services
Research Field

Engineering » Mechanical engineering
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First Stage Researcher (R1)

Application Deadline

29 Sep 2023 - 23:59 (Europe/Lisbon)
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4 Sep 2023
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Not funded by an EU programme
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Offer Description

1 - Title


2 - Offer description

As per the terms laid down in Regulamento de Bolsas de Investigação do LNEC (LNEC Regulation for Research Fellowships), approved by Law no. 40/2004 , 18 august, as it stands, we announce the launching of a call for awarding a half time research fellowship (RF) in the scope of the assessment of the performance of the fire smoke systems in buildings and underground space.

3 – Financing source

LNEC own revenue

4 – Scientific area

Mechanical Engineering of Thermodynamics and Fluids

5 - Duration

The Grant shall be awarded for a 1-year period, renewable up to 2 years

6 – Reserve list

A reserve list for selection shall be drawn up for a 6-month period as from the date of the final decision of this call.

7 – Activity Regime

All the work shall be developed on an exclusive dedication regime, as per the provisions laid down in the Statute of the Research Fellow, approved by Law no. 40/2004, 18 august, as it stands, and in LNEC Regulation for Fellowships, available on LNEC website.

8 - Work plan and objectives

The scholarship holder will participate in research and innovation activities, within the scope of the scientific area for which the scholarship is granted, integrated in research projects.

In particular, the scholarship holder will be able to carry out his/her activity within the scope of smoke control systems in buildings, especially in the underground space (for example, covered car parks and tunnels). He is expected to develop activity in the field of Computational Fluid Mechanics (use of FDS and FireFOAM programs). It should be noted that LNEC was designated a supervisory entity, within the scope of Decree-Law 75/2014 (according to number 3 of article 13.º), which established the minimum safety requirements for the tunnels of the trans-European road network and the national road network and which transposed the Directive no. 2004/54/EC, of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 29 April 2004, on the minimum safety Trans-European Road Network to the Portuguese law. The scholarship holder will participate in research in this domain in order to promote the optimization of the safety means in tunnels.

9 - Location

Workplace: LNEC – Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil, I.P.

Avenida do Brasil, 101 – 1700-066 Lisboa

País: Portugal



The above activities shall be conducted at the Scientific Instrumentation Centre of LNEC, without prejudice to the possibility of performing temporary missions in Portugal.

10 - Qualifications

Eligible applicants can be those enrolled in an MSc in mechanical engineering or similar fields.

All the candidates should be fluent in Portuguese language and have good knowledge of English.

11 – Scientific supervision

The researcher João Carlos Viegas, shall be responsible for supervising the scientific activities.

12 - Monthly allowance

The Grant shall include a monthly allowance in the amount of €501.50 and a daily food allowance proportional to the working time. The fellow shall also be entitled to a specific social security system and to insurance against personal accidents at work.

13 - Selection methods and criteria

The evaluation of the applications shall be based on the Applicant’s Merits (MC), and the following evaluation criteria shall be scored on a 0 to 20 scale.

Applicant’s merits:

  • Academic Background (PA) – scores of the academic degrees required by this call, namely MSc degree or equivalent – 50%
  • Professional Résumé (CP) – scientific and professional career – 30%
  • Interview with the selection jury (ES) – 20%


MC = (0.5 * PA) + (0.3 * CP) + (0.2 * ES).

The jury is entitled to decide not to award the Grant if the quality of the applicants is deemed below par.

14 - Selection jury

President:               Eduardo Manuel Cabrita Fortunato, Principal Researcher

Members:           João Carlos Godinho Viegas, Principal Researcher

                             Carlos Manuel Almeida Santos, Senior Researcher

Alternates:               Jorge Viçoso Patrício, Senior Researcher with Aggregation

                             Álvaro Silva Ribeiro, Senior Researcher

15 - Application documents

  • at the time of the application:
    • Letter of motivation (maximum: one A4 page).
    • Degree certificate, with indication of the partial scores and final classification.
    • Document stating the score obtained in each curricular unit of the course the applicant is attending.

    Foreign certificates shall be valid only if they are dully endorsed by an issuing entity, or if a recognition/equivalence document is produced stating that the foreign qualifications correspond to the same Portuguese qualifications.  The respective scores can only be used if they are officially converted to the Portuguese scoring scale (by DGES – Direção Geral do Ensino Superior or by a public higher education institution), even if the foreign classification corresponds to a 0 to 20 scale.

    • Official document of enrollment in the degree course defined in paragraph 10 of the present notice.

    Should the candidate be unable to produce such document, without any fault on his/her part, he/she may replace it by a sworn declaration stating that he/she has been enrolled in the said degree course, but assuming the compromise to deliver this document when signing the contract.

    • Detailed Curriculum Vitae.
    • Other documents (optional), such as letters of reference and supporting documents of internships or complementary courses considered as relevant for the purposes of this Grant
  • at the time of the awarding of the contract:
    • Official document stating that the applicant is enrolled in the degree course defined in 10.
    • Necessary information for preparing the contract.

    16 – Deadline for applications

    Between 4 and 29 September 2023

    17 - Formalization of applications

    The applications shall be formalized by one of the following means:

    • Electronic mail addressed to ., until 24h00 of the last day of the stipulated time limit
    • directly to the Setor de Arquivo e Expediente Geral of LNEC, at Avenida do Brasil, 101, 1700-066 Lisboa.
    • registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt addressed to LNEC, I.P., Avenida do Brasil, nº101, 1700-066 Lisboa; the date of delivery considered for the purpose of compliance with the stipulated time limit being the date of registration

    In the last two cases, the applications shall be delivered in a sealed envelope, bearing the following information on the outside: “Concurso para atribuição de uma bolsa de investigação (BI), no âmbito de sistemas de controlo de fumo”.

    18 - Notification of results

    The final score of each evaluation stage shall be advertised in a list sorted by the final score obtained, all applicants being notified by electronic mail. The results shall also be published on the Recruitment page of LNEC’s website.

    19 -  Deadlines and procedures for preliminary hearing, claims and appeals

    Once the provisional ranked list of the evaluation results has been communicated, applicants who have an unfavourable provisional decision may use their right to dispute it during the preliminary hearing phase (if requested), which takes place within10 working days, according to the Administrative Procedure Code (CPA). The final decision shall be disclosed after the analysis of applicants’ arguments presented in the preliminary hearing. Final decision can be claimed within 15 working days or, alternatively, appealed to the Board of Directors, within 30 working days, after the communication of the final results, respectively.

    20 -  Further information

    Additional information can be obtained by phone: +351 218 443 892 or +351 218 443 216 or by electronic mail to the address referred to in 17. The applicants living outside Portugal can also refer to the portal EURAXESS Portugal .

    21 -  Standard fellowship contract

    Available on the Recruitment page of LNEC’s website.

    22 -  Model of the final report to be prepared by the research fellow and supervisor

    Available on the Recruitment page of LNEC’s website.

    Research Field
    Engineering » Mechanical engineering
    Education Level
    Bachelor Degree or equivalent

    Additional Information
    Work Location(s)
    Number of offers available
    LNEC - Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil
    Postal Code
    Avenida do Brasil, 101

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