Professor's Assistant

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 08 May 2021

The person employed in this position will be responsible for running:

- didactic classes in the field of Environmental Engineering and Environmental Protection Technologies, particularly: protection and physicochemical characterization and processes in the atmosphere, including methods of monitoring, meteorological research, geostatistical analyzes and modelling of transport of particulate matter and gaseous pollutants in the atmosphere, analysis of measurement data, methods of removal pollution, including odor-generating, and environmental studies;

- scientific research in the field of engineering and technical sciences, in the discipline of environmental engineering, mining and energy, and the implementation of substantive tasks in the field of environmental protection and climate change issues to solve the problems of human influence on the surrounding natural environment.

Tasks to be done:

- education and upbringing of students;

- organizing and conducting scientific research in the disciplines of environmental engineering, mining and energy;

- participation in the preparation and conducting of mobile and stationary measurements of air pollution, operation of automatic measurement stations, collection, analysis and interpretation of measurement datasets (meteorological and air quality);

- conducting classes for full- and part-time students in Polish or English (in the form of lecture, exercise, laboratory classes and project), incl. in the field of assessment of the variability of the chemical composition of the atmosphere, in particular greenhouse gas concentrations, and the improvement of measurement methods, inventory and reduction of gas emissions, including greenhouse gases, analyzes of meteorological conditions, based on the models of pollution dispersion in the atmosphere, methods of environmental data analysis with elements of geo-informatics, development of GIS systems in the field of monitoring and environmental protection, technical drawing

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