Post-doctoral reseaecher - Call for applications No. 24/2022/SN

Updated: 5 months ago
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 16 Dec 2022

KEYWORDS: mRNA therapeutics, mRNA bioproduction, RNA-protein interactions, mRNA transport, RNA purification, RNA-protein interactions, yeast, LTR retrotransposons,

Principal Investigator: Assoc. Prof. Katarzyna Pachulska-Wieczorek, PhD, DSc

Project description: ICHB PAN offers employment as an Assistant Professor (Post-Doc) in an international Pathfinder EIC project, Yeast cell factory for mRNA bioproduction, implemented under the European Union Framework Program, Horizon Europe. Pathfinder EIC supports visionary thinking that can open the way to powerful new technologies. The project will be implemented in a consortium with scientific units, research organizations, and companies from France, Portugal, Germany, and Slovenia. The project is led by CENTER NATIONAL DE LA RECHERCHE SCIENTFIQUE (CNRS). IBCH PAS is one of the leading research units in Poland, specializing in chemistry, molecular biology, and biomedicine, with access to cutting-edge technologies. The project goal is to develop an innovative platform for the bioproduction of mRNA in yeast. Although yeast has been employed for the production of several biopharmaceuticals, RNA production has never been attempted.

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