Post-doctoral position within the project OPUS financed by National Science Centre (NCN). Project...

Updated: 2 months ago
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 11 Feb 2021

1. PhD degree in medicine, biochemistry, biotechnology or other life sciences disciplines obtained less than 7 years before employment (NCN), subject to maternity extension according to NCN regulations.

2. Candidates who would defend their PhD thesis shortly after the application deadline are eligible to apply.

3. Research interests in cell biology, molecular biology, regulation of transcription, cell signalling, hematooncology and blood cells’ differentiation.

4. Research experience in molecular biology, molecular cloning, cell culture, cell transfection, cell sorting, gene expression and signal transduction studies.

5. Outstanding publication record.

6. High motivation (demonstrated via publications and references of the candidate's thesis tutor, previous post-doctoral positions different from the PhD awarding institutions).

7. High proficiency in English.

8. Knowledge of Polish language that would allow for contacts with University administration and everyday life.

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