Post-doctoral position in theoretical particle physics at the University of Warsaw

Updated: 2 months ago
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 30 Jun 2020


We are seeking candidates for a postdoctoral position (adiunkt) within the OPUS 13 project “Cosmology and high-energy physics as tools to seek interactions beyond the Standard Model” funded by National Science Centre (Poland) (principal investigator: Prof. Bohdan Grzadkowski). The main goal of the employed post-doc will be theoretical investigation of generalizations of the Standard Model of fundamental interactions that properly describe dark matter and possibly provide extra sources of CP violation. The project is based at the Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw (Poland), and involves collaboration with partners at University of California Riverside (USA), University of Bergen (Norway), University of Lisbon (Portugal) and University of California Santa Cruz (USA). The position is for 9 months starting on October 1st 2020.

The candidates have to conform to the conditions stated in art. 113 of Higher Education Law dated 20.07.2018. (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland 2018, item 1668 with further amendments).

The employment will take place in accordance with the NCN regulations, in particular the employed person must meet the following conditions jointly:

  • during the period of receiving this remuneration, he/she does not receive any other remuneration in any form from the NCN;
  • the project manager was not a supervisor/auxiliary supervisor in his/her doctoral dissertation;
  • during the period of receiving this remuneration, he/she does not receive any other remuneration based on the employment contract with any employer;

The candidate must meet the conditions set by the National Science Center for people employed in a post-doc position. In particular, the person employed for this position must have a doctoral degree obtained no earlier than 7 years before the year of employment in the project. This period does not include breaks related to maternity leave, additional maternity leave, leave on the conditions of maternity leave, additional leave on the conditions of maternity leave, paternity leave, parental leave or parental leave granted on the terms specified in the provisions of the Labor Code or the receipt of sickness allowance or rehabilitation benefits in connection with incapacity for work, including those caused by diseases requiring medical rehabilitation. For women, the indicated 7-year period may be extended by 18 months for each child born or adopted. A woman can choose a more favorable way to indicate breaks in her scientific career.

Key responsibilities:

The employee will conduct research concerning cosmology and theory of particle physics, in particular investigation of dark matter models and generalizations of the scalar sector of the Standard Model taking into account a possibility of extra sources of CP-violation

Employment conditions

Employment for 9 months on a full-time basis, i.e. 40 hours a week in the OPUS 13 research project "Cosmology and high energy physics as a tool to search for interactions outside the Standard Model" financed by the National Science Center and implemented at the Faculty of Physics of the University of Warsaw

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