Post doc position at University of Warsaw to work on L1 trigger of the CMS experiment at the LHC.

Updated: 4 months ago
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 30 Oct 2022

*full time position as post-doc

*contract from January 1, 2023 for 42 months in total; first agreement for 6 months, extended to the remaining period after positive evaluation

*salary: 10 000 PLN/month brut-brut, about 5000 PLN/month net (exact amount depends on individual deductions)

*position based at Warsaw, with frequent trips to CERN, Geneva

*Ph.D. in high energy physics or related field

*a post-doc position is a full-time job planned for a person who obtained a doctoral degree not earlier than 7 years before the year of employment in the project. This period may be extended by the duration of the stay during this period, on long-term (over 90 days) documented benefits sickness or rehabilitation benefits due to incapacity for work. Additionally, the number of months on vacation can be added to this period related to the care and upbringing of children, provided on the terms specified in the Labor Code, and in the case of women - 18 months for each born or and adopted child, if there is such a way of indicating breaks the academic career more beneficial.

*a candidate for the post-doc position has to fulfill following requirements:

- the Project leader can not be candidate's Ph.D. supervisor, or co-supervisor

- candidate received Ph.D. degree from different institution than University  of Warsaw, or, has completed at least 10 months continuous and documented postdoctoral internship in different country than country where the Ph.D title was issued

- during the position period the candidate can not receive any remuneration from funds granted by NCN

- during the position period the candidate can not have contract of employment with any employer, including those based abroad Poland

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