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Deadline: 19 Feb 2021

Center for Theoretical Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences Prof. dr hab. Marek Kuś / Group leader dr Michał Oszmaniec Near-term quantum computers: challenges, optimal implementations and applications Project is carried out within the Team-Net programme of

Quantum computers promise savings in time and effort necessary to perform certain computational tasks, which themselves are of great practical relevance for many branches of science and industry. Building a working quantum computer is a notoriously difficult task due to the destructive influence of noise and decoherence affecting large-scale quantum systems. Therefore, one expects that in the near future only devices consisting of a limited number of imperfect qubits (basic units of quantum computers) will be available. Our project aims to characterize the computational power and to investigate possible practical applications of such devices. To realize these ambitious goals, we will form a network of closely collaborating research groups working on cutting-edge aspects of quantum computing: quantum machine learning, control of quantum systems, quantum error-correction and identification resources responsible for quantum speedup.

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