Junior Specialist

Updated: about 2 months ago
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 25 Jan 2021

Requirements for the candidate:

1. Education: higher technical, MS degree, preferred disciplines: chemical Technology.

2. Theoretical and practical knowledge of the testing methodology of thermal insulation materials, gypsum products, tile adhesives and sealants.

3. Practical knowledge of operating the test equipment for reaction to fire test (in particular- non-flammability test) and the knowledge of DIN EN ISO 1182 software by the WAZAU.

4. Proventesting skills of at least 2 years work experience in the laboratory.

5. Ability to work independently and cooperate in a team.

6. Willingness to perform non-standard work (e.g. physical work).

7.Mobility and willingness to work outside the place of work (business trips for sampling, expert opinions or conducting research).

8. Good computer and MS Office skills including creating the macros.

9. Knowledge and ability to properly interpret research standards and quality system documents.

10.Fluent knowledge of the Polish language enabling easy communication and understanding of technical documentation including research standards.

11. Knowledge of the English language confirmed by certificates (at least B2 level).

12. Theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of designing and testing mortars and concretes intended for quick repairs of airport pavements.

13. Proven action takento achieve the implementation doctorate in the future.

Personality traits:

Punctuality, dutifulness, self-discipline, honesty, high personal culture, consistency and responsibility in action, ability to work under time pressure, commitment to fulfill the duties entrusted, independence, accuracy, technical sense, ability to solve problems and make decisions availability, the ability to effectively organize working time.

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