Assistant professor

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 14 Nov 2021

The candidate should have PhD in the field in natural sciences in the discipline of chemical sciences, field biotechnology, and achievements in science (confirmed by scientific publication from JCR list), to be involved in the above-stated discipline, have the predisposition to lead scientific research and to conduct educational activity.

The research topics are focused on the development of organ-on-a-chip microfluidic devices for spatial cell culture modeling, which can be used in theranostics. The theranostic approach involves the development of novel diagnostics and tools to enable selective drug delivery and the selection of unique therapeutic combinations. Organ-on-a-chip systems that provide spatial and heterogeneous cell cultures can be used to assess the personalized biological efficacy of drugs and select their therapeutic parameters. Models providing co-culture of cells from different organs, in addition, may allow studying "inter-organ" cellular responses and interactions. The goal of the work will be to develop cellular models in organ-on-a-chip systems to select therapeutic parameters for disease chosen types.

Additionally, the candidate will have a proven track record of preparing funding proposals, implementing research projects, measurable results, and productivity of scientific work (scientific publications, petitions/patents).In addition, the candidate should demonstrate proven knowledge of cell culture (2D and 3D), basic and advanced biological testing (cytotoxicity/photocytotoxicity, cell cycle), methods used in biological research methods for assessing cell viability, methods for assessing cell metabolic activity, standard cell staining, immunocoloring, etc.), microscopy (fluorescence, advanced confocal microscopy, SEM), design, manufacture and use of Cell-on-Chip flow systems (photolithography, 3D printing, working with PDMS, PDMS modification methods). The candidate should have a high level of autonomy and the ability to obtain funding for the research projects. The experience in teaching is also required.

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