Assistant Professor

Updated: about 1 month ago
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 13 Feb 2021

The candidate should have PhD in the field in natural sciences in the discipline of chemical sciences, field biotechnology, and achievements in science (confirmed by scientific publication from JCR list), to be involved in the above-stated discipline, have the predisposition to lead scientific research and to conduct educational activity.Research problems to be solved concern the development of diagnostics of skin diseases by means of label-free methods. The studies encompass the characteristics of cell-cell interactions in skin pathology, like allergy, inflammation, tumours. The development of melanoma diagnostics with the use of lectin-glycan interactions on the cell surface is planned. The applicant should have excellent skills in research methods like atomic force and fluorescence microscopy, quartz crystal microbalance, surface plasmon resonance Western blot, ELISA. The applicant should have experience in mammalian cell culture, studying of genotoxicity, apoptosis, cell cycle. He/she should be self-sufficient and have experience in writing grant proposals. The experience in teaching is also required.

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