Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Security, Logistics and Management at MUT

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 29 Jun 2021




INSTITUTION: Faculty of , Military University of Technology

CITY: Warsaw, Poland

POSITION: Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Security, Logistics and Management at MUT

KIND OF EMPLOYMENT: full-time employment

DISCIPLINE: Security Science

POSTED: May 31, 2021

EXPIRES: June 29, 2021



KEY WORDS: security and human rights, supervised society, education for security, security philosophy, security theory, statistical data analysis

The expected scope of duties:

  • conducting didactic classes (lectures, exercises, seminars, laboratories) in the field of the theory and philosophy of security, methodology of security research in the number of hours specified for the position of assistant professor in the group of teaching staff;
  • managing bachelor's and master's theses;
  • developing didactic aid: textbooks, scripts, instructions, multimedia presentations and the development of information cards entrusted to implementation;
  • participating in team organizational work for the research and didactic process;
  • conducting documentation related to the activities of the scientific discipline council;
  • developing scientific creativity and teaching skills;
  • improving the research workshop.

Admission requirements:

  • meeting the requirements specified in art. 113 of the Act of 20 July 2018. Law on Higher Education (Journal of Laws of 2020, item 85, as amended);
  • doctor's scientific stage in the field of social sciences, in scientific discipline - safety sciences;
  • documented experience in conducting didactic classes - also in on-line form at the academic level;
  • a minimum annual employment as an academic teacher in a group of research and teaching or didactic workers;
  • scientific achievements, including indexed in Scopus and Web of Science bases located in the area of ​​safety sciences, with particular emphasis on the issues of security, control (supervision) of the entity and its rights and at least one copyright or co-authored monograph;
  • confirmed conference speeches in the field of security issues;
  • documented knowledge of the StatSoft Statistica statistical data analysis;
  • ability to design and conduct empirical research;
  • knowledge of English enabling the use of English-speaking literature and publishing articles in English;
  • possession of additional pedagogical qualifications, in the field of education for security;
  • ability to think analytically, work independently, work in a team;
  • confirmed knowledge of the procedure of proceedings for awarding an doctoral degree and administrative services to the scientific council.

The competition application should include:

  • a letter of application to the Rector of the Military University of Technology;
  • CV (information about scientific interests, scientific, didactic and organizational achievements);
  • copies of diplomas and other documents confirming / proving the candidate's qualifications;
  • a statement that the candidate/applicant has full capacity to act according to the law in force;
  • a declaration of no charges within a final judgment of a deliberate crime or intentional fiscal offense and the lack of punishment with a disciplinary penalty referred to in art. 276 par. 1 point 7 and 8 of the Act of 20 July 2018. Law on Higher Education and Scienc;
  • a declaration of no charges within the disciplinary procedure of the deprivation of rights to practice the profession of academic teacher on a permanent or fixed-term basis/contract;
  • a declaration on the full use of civil rights;
  • a declaration stating whether MUT is the core or non-core workplace for the applicant.
  • a declaration of consent to process personal data included in the job application in accordance with the Data Protection Act;
  • declaration of the person taking up employment that there are no contraindications to start work in an organizational unit or team of employees of the Academy.

Document patterns available on the

Documents should be submitted till June 29, 2021

  • in person to the in person in the Office of the Dean of the Faculty of Security, Logistics and Management, Military University of Technology, room 0.29, the building 135
  • by post: at the Military University of Technology, Faculty of Security, Logistics and Management, 00-908 Warsaw 49, gen. Sylwestra Kaliskiego St.2 - with a note: „A competition for the post of Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Security, Logistics and Management 05/- security (decides the date of receipt of documents);
  • by e-mail/fax: (261-817-914).

Additional information can be obtained by telephone: 261-837-702.

The competition will be decided no later than two weeks after the deadline for submitting tenders.

The competition is the first step in the statute of the Military Academy of Technology for hiring as an academic teacher, and its positive decision is the basis for further proceedings.

The final decision to recruit a person selected by the competition is taken by the rector.

The University reserves the right to inconclusiate the competition without stating a reason.

The university does not provide housing.

At the end of the recruitment process, tenders that do not meet the formal requirements and all other offers except the selected candidate's offer are destroyed one month after the end of the competition.

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