Assistant professor /adiunkt/

Updated: about 2 months ago
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 01 Sep 2023

The candidate is required to have:

 a good command of spoken and written English,

 practical knowledge of social research methodology,

 having crystallized scientific interests that fit into the area of sociological sciences as well as political and administration sciences,

 in the case of employment, submitting the employee's declaration of consent to crediting to employees conducting scientific activity (number N) at Cracow University of Economics (CUE),

 in the case of employment, submitting the employee's statement on conducting scientific activity in the discipline of sociological sciences and in the discipline of political sciences and public administration,

 readiness to implement own research projects and apply in grant competitions,

 research experience related to participation in the implementation of quantitative, qualitative or mixed empirical research as well as participation in the work of teams implementing scientific grants,

 experience in conducting research in competition programs financed from national and international funds as a project manager or working in international teams will be an advantage

 in the case of foreign nationals – a good command of the Polish language to the extent allowing to teach classes in Polish.

Required documents:

1) a cover letter (an application letter) and a resume (CV),

2) a personal data questionnaire for the person applying for employment*,

3) a copy of the diploma of obtaining a degree of doctor (for diplomas issued in languages other than Polish, also a certified translation of the document into Polish and a certificate of equivalence of the diploma with the Polish a degree of doctor – if applicable),

4) a list of possible practical experience in the above-mentioned scope, including training, internships or scholarships,

5) a list of accomplishments, information and possible opinions on:

a) scientific interests, special attention given to the issues related to the field of sociology and the discipline of political sciences and public administration,

b) research competences held,

c) completed empirical research,

d) participation in research grants,

e) teaching experience including conducting classes,

f) publication activities,

g) participation in events popularizing science, such as scientific conferences, scientific seminars as well as participation in scientific and research projects,

6) a declaration or a copy of a certificate confirming good command of English language; for foreigners, also a declaration or a copy confirming good command of the Polish language,

7) a declaration that upon the commencement of employment, the Krakow University of Economics will be the principal employer of the Candidate*,

8) a declaration as to the Candidate meeting the requirements specified in Article 113 of the Law on Higher Education and Science*,

9) a declaration on the lack of personal relationship based on Article 118 of the Law on Higher Education and Science*,

10) a declaration of the candidate on the statement authorizing to be classified as employees conducting scientific activity (the so-called N number) and on the statement on the field and scientific discipline, which she/he will represent in the event of her/his employment in KUE*

11) information on processing personal data during the recruitment process – attached below.

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