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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 31 May 2021

Candidates entering the competition have to meet the requirements specified in the Act on Higher Education from 20 June 2018 (Journal od Laws from 2021, heading 478 consolidated text) Article 113 and they must be compliant with the following criteria: 1. PhD degree in life sciences, or related; 2. research experience in the fields of functional genomics and RNA biology of animal cells, confirmed by publications in prestigious scientific journals; 3. research experience in RNA metabolism, including RNA synthesis and degradation, and mRNA translation analysis using next generation sequencing methods (e.g. RNA-seq, 4sU-seq, TT-seq, polysomal and ribosomal profiling or similar) as well as microscopy (IF, live-cell imaging); 4. experience with integrative bioinformatic analysis of different type of genomics data (RNA-seq, 4sU-seq, TT-seq, polysomal and ribosomal profiling) as well as analysis of microscopy data; 5. familiarity with molecular biology and cell engineering methods (including CRISPR/Cas9 design and execution, knockout and knockin models); 6. priority will be given to candidates practical experienced in in vitro cell differentiation; 7. at least two years work experience in a research institution abroad; 8. good command of Polish and English in writing and speaking; 9. ability to raise funds for research; 10. didactic experience at higher education level.

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