Assistant lecturer

Updated: 12 months ago
Deadline: 25 Aug 2019

Candidates entering the competition must submit the following documents to the Human Resources and Financial Department, Medical University of Gdansk , ul. M. Sklodowskiej-Curie 3a Room 307(tel. 48-58-349-10-16, 48-58-349-11-07):

  • a written statement about entering into the competition,
  • personal questionnaire,
  • information on candidate's work achievements so far,
  • the list of publications and the information about point classification (Impact Factor and the scores from the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the number of citations), the magazines that have published candidate's scientific papers or articles,
  • diploma stating the professional titles the candidate has earned (along with the supplement),
  • document issued by Dean's Office of university the candidate graduated from, with the record of grades the candidate obtained in his or her studies,
  • PhD diploma, if the candidate has earned the degree,
  • when under supervision of scientific mentor, present his opinion on the candidate's predisposition to the profession of academic teacher, and information about candidate's chances of obtaining a PhD degree (if the degree has not been earned yet),
  • other documents testifying to the qualifications and competencies to satisfactorily conduct classes with the Students
  • copies of the former employment records and certificate of current employment,
  • a statement of compliance with requirements, set forth in the Law on Higher Education,
  • a written confirmation of knowledge and acceptance of the data protection laws imposed by the Medical University of Gdańsk and consent for processing candidate’s personal data included in the application.
  • a statement on the employment with the Medical University of Gdańsk being the primary (basic) one,

Recruitment for the position of assistant is based on the candidates' average marks in their studies, engagement in the activities of scientific circles during their studies , their scientific achievements before the opening of the competition, participation in post-gradual doctoral studies , competence in languages , and professional experience.

The University reserves the right to leave the competitions without award determination without a cause.

The final decision to appoint the successful candidate recommended by the competition committee is made by University Rector.

Information to candidates applying for jobs with the Medical University of Gdańsk on personal data processing and protection also available on this website.

The Medical University of Gdansk will not secure any accommodations

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