Assistant at the Faculty of Earth Sciences and Environmental Management

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 24 May 2021

Keywords: geography, physical geography, soil science, Quaternary palaeogeography

Requirements for the candidate:

  • title of master's degree in Earth Sciences in the field of physical geography;
  • authorship of publications in journals listed by Web of Science, containing achievements in the field of Quaternary palaeogeography, lithostratigraphy and soil science;
  • very good computer skills, experience in using ArcGIS, QGIS, CorelDRAW, Strater, R package;
  • fluency in writing/speaking in Polish and English;
  • active participation in scientific conferences;
  • documented, active participation in research projects;
  • experience in conducting field studies, in particular loess-soil sequences;
  • teaching experience in soil science;
  • experience in operating a laser diffractometer and a spectrophotometer preferred;
  • preference for having a driving license and driving experience.

Basic duties as an assistant divided into areas: (research, teaching and organizational):

  • research area: conducting research on sediments of aeolian environment and fossil soils, the use of laser diffractometry and spectrophotometry in lithostratigraphic studies, establishing international cooperation,
  • didactic area: conducting classes (approx. 332 hours - e.g. Soil Science, Climate change recorded in aeolian sediments, Nature Conservation, Field exercises: geomorphology and soil science and hydrology), participation in the organization of the educational process
  • organizational area: active participation in projects undertaken by the Department of Physical Geography (e.g. organization of seminars and conferences), care for website and social media with the logo of the Department of Physical Geography.

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