Senior Engineer in NMR Spectroscopy and MALDI Imaging

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Deadline: 01 Aug 2022

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About the position

The MR Core facility at NTNU, Trondheim is offering a full-time, permanent position within magnetic resonance spectroscopy and mass spectrometry.

The MR Core Facility offers state of the art equipment for spectroscopy and imaging of biological samples. Our equipment includes two high resolution Bruker 600 MHz spectrometers, which are predominantly used for tissue and biofluid metabolomics research, a MALDI MSI system (Bruker Rapiflex) for metabolic imaging and GCMS equipment for metabolic analysis.

We also have advanced preclinical in vivo imaging equipment; instrumentation includes a Bruker 7 T Biospec equipped with cryocoil, X-nuclei coils, and PET insert for simultaneous MRI & PET acquisitions; whole body optical imaging system (IVIS), and a small animal ultrasound imaging system with photoacoustics (Vevo LAZR-X). In addition to the preclinical in vivo imaging opportunities, we have a clinical 3 T Siemens Skyra MR scanner.

NTNU is a leading centre for technology and research within Norway, and the MR Core aims to provide excellent services for our customers. As a member of MR Core you will have the opportunity to work alongside researchers from a multitude of fields, including cancer, neuroscience, ultrasound, exercise and health as well as corporate customers from SINTEF and from outside of the health sciences.

The main responsibilities of the position are training and assisting users on our NMR and MS instruments, method development, helping users with  study design and planning, maintaining the lab and instruments, carrying out QA-routines on the systems, developing and advertising opportunities for metabolic analysis of samples to attract new customers. You will also have the opportunity to attend and present research results at international conferences.

We seek a motivated applicant who will bring expertise to our team, drive research, and actively seek to increase lab activity. We would prefer the successful applicant to be available to start as soon as possible.

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