Postdoctoral Research Fellow in macrophage biology/mucosal immunology (ref 207682)

Updated: about 2 months ago
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 29 Jun 2021

The Jahnsen group has a very strong record in human mucosal immunology research and in this project we will collaborate with internationally and nationally leading research groups within computer science, bioinformatics, cell biology, immunology and gastrointestinal surgery. We will apply an integrated approach combining high throughput single-cell technologies with unique clinical material and 3-dimensional organ cultures (organoids). Computational integration of the data will provide spatiotemporal reconstruction of how monocyte-to-macrophage differentiation and diversification in the human gut is regulated and reveal functional properties.

The project will also hire a bioinformatician that will work closely with the successful candidate. The project will use advanced single cell technologies combining scRNA-seq and scATAC-seq etc. Moreover, the project will establish methods to integrate spatial transacriptomics/scRNA-seq/epigenomics to analyze macrophage in time and space at the single cell level. 

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