Postdoctoral Fellow in Political Science (4 years) ref 196950

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 01 Apr 2021

The R-Quest project investigates the nature and mechanisms of research quality in an encompassing way, including the individual, organizational, and national level. In this, R-Quest focuses on three closely related questions concerning research quality: 1. How are notions of research quality negotiated, established and practiced, and what are the mechanisms through which these notions affect policy? 2. What are the drivers of high quality research, and what is the role of policy in developing outstanding research? 3. What are the effects of high quality research on the society?

A central aim of R-Quest is to help policy makers in their efforts to develop the best framework conditions for high quality research. R-Quest is a comparative research project including partners from five European countries (Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden & the U.K.) and the project employs both quantitative and qualitative methods including, for example, bibliometric analyses, survey analyses, or interviews.

The Postdoctoral Fellow is expected to actively contribute to the research agenda and the research environment of the R-Quest project. More specifically, this includes designing and conducting a study on conditions and drivers for high quality research, focusing on the national and/or organizational level, and the potential links between research performance and differences in specific policies or governance arrangements. Moreover, the Postdoctoral Fellow is expected to actively participate in research project meetings, and other relevant research activities in the context of R-Quest. 

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