Post-doctoral researcher within energy transitions

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Deadline: Post-doctoral researcher within energy transitions Post-doctoral researcher within energy transitions - Institutt for tverrfaglige kulturstudierTrondheimTemporary31. okt 2021

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About the position 

NTNU, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture (KULT), is announcing a 3-year vacancy ( ) as a post doc in science and technology studies (STS) working on energy transitions and transition management of ports. The post doc will be part of the Centre for technology and society (STS) and the research group on energy, climate and environment .

The post doc is 100% funded by the research project ACES, which seeks to facilitate and accelerate sector-wide energy and sustainability transitions in Norwegian ports. The ACES project is funded by the research council of Norway and involves transitions oriented scholars with different disciplinary backgrounds from SINTEF Community (project lead), SINTEF Digital, DRIFT (Netherlands) and NTNU, and many partners from industry and the public sector.

The project seeks to strengthen energy and sustainability transitions and the capability of ports to engage in such transitions through co-creation of transition agendas, visions and role development. The project is interested in exploring how sector-wide energy and sustainability transitions in Norwegian ports can be accelerated, and further, to understand national level transition work to advance the transition of ports.

The post doc will participate in three case studies in Norwegian ports, and be a key member of a team conducting transition management workshops in these ports. The work includes studying practice fields and sectors relevant to the ports, establishing case-specific transition management plans, and conducting and studying transition management processes. The post doc will also be included in the process of establishing a national transition arena for ports, which engages visionary and sustainability-oriented port actors and the key stakeholders from relevant sectors.

The post doc should have a background in Science and Technology Studies and/or socio-technical sustainability transition studies. A track-record of conducting work on energy related issues will be an advantage. Applications with relevant background from related social science/humanities fields such as geography, sociology, political science, or anthropology will also be considered. The candidate should have a strong record of conducting qualitative work involving methods such as interviews and document analysis. Fluency in a Scandinavian language will be a requirement.


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