Position as artistic PhD research fellow in Print at the Art and Craft department

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Deadline: 01 Dec 2022

1st December 2022

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Position as artistic PhD research fellow in Print at the Art and Craft department
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About KHiO

Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO) is comprised of six departments within artistic practice that collectively create a rich multi-disciplinary environment:  Art and Craft, Dance, Design, Fine Art, Opera, and Theatre. KHiO educates and supports performers and practitioners at the highest international levels in and across these fields of artistic practice.

Artistic research is a core of many artistic practices, and one that KHiO develops and supports from the bachelor through to the doctoral level PhD program in artistic research, which is a unifying community at KHiO.  The doctorate education offers artistic practice its own place in the higher education and research area, thus recognizing the unique and independent contributions to knowledge production produced in the artistic fields.

The PhD program in artistic research at KHiO aims to conduct artistic research of international relevance that produces new works of art, performance, and design, new disciplinary knowledge, and offers new perspectives and insights on art, culture, and society through research praxis. Artistic research at KHiO is expected to be innovative and forward moving in the artistic fields as well as in the practice of the researcher, and is based foremost on artistic practice. 

Artistic practice is at the core of the artistic PhD result and is to be accompanied by an explicit reflection, which, when the project is presented, grants others access into the working methods and insights that emerge from the artistic research.  Spaces of new knowledge and contextual connections are embedded into and emerge from the artistic research to further enrich practices of art production, design, and performance.

KHiO is part of the joint Norwegian Artistic Research School that provides doctoral training in artistic research methods. PhD fellows are expected and required to participate fully in the community of artistic research practitioners at KHiO and at the national level.
At KHiO, research fellows are hosted by one of the individual departments, and at any time we have approximately 20 – 25 active PhD candidates based at all six departments.

The fellowship position 

For 2022, Oslo National Academy of the Arts has a vacancy in Print at the Art and Craft department. 

Print is committed to the expanded field of print making; in the making, exhibiting and publishing of contemporary art. The subject area focuses on printmaking, drawing, photography and artists’ books; offering specialist facilities in intaglio, lithography, relief and letterpress, serigraphy, risography, digital printing, book-arts, CNC routing and laser cutting. 

The Art and Craft department imparts expertise in material and haptic processes, as both formal and tacit knowledge; through fine art undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate programmes. Art and Craft takes inspiration from a vision of art as integrated into everyday public and private spheres. We recognise the social, political and environmental responsibilities of artistic practice in which; the contextual significance of materials, in production and sustainability, is as important as their intrinsic properties. The resurgence in DIY ethics and collaborative activities is supported by non-hierarchical learning outcomes; and the integration of digital technologies into the workshop reprises craft as an expanding field. 

The department seeks a PhD candidate that can contribute to the future development of artistic research in Print. Possible focus areas for the PhD project are:

  • Post-digital embodiment of tacit knowledge
  • Material agency of the print matrix 
  • Post-industrial heritage of the print machine 
  • Multi-colour printmaking in contemporary art perspectives such as New Materialism 
  • Artists`publishing as socio-political dissemination 
  • The gesture in digital and analogue drawing

Printmaking in the Expanded Field

The new research fellow will take up the position from 1.10.2023.

Application deadline: 1.12.2022.

Employment in position as an artistic PhD research fellow happens subject to admission to the PhD-programme in artistic research at Oslo National Academy of the Arts. The PhD-programme language is English.

Workplace on a daily basis is at Oslo National Academy of the Arts. The administrative language at the Academy is Norwegian. Upon being hired, applicants will be required to achieve a certain proficiency in Norwegian within a reasonable amount of time.

Requirements for applicants: 

Applicants have to document a certain extent of recognized artistic work/artistic research.

Applicants must normally have a master’s degree in performing or creative arts in the relevant art discipline, c.f. the descriptions in the second cycle of the Norwegian Qualifications Framework. Based on a special assessment, Oslo National Academy of the Arts may approve other, comparable qualifications as the basis for admission.

We offer: 

The PhD research fellowship is a three-year full-time position with terms and conditions in accordance with regulations for state employees of universities and university-colleges and Regulations concerning terms and conditions of employment for the posts of postdoktor (post-doctoral research fellow), stipendiat (research fellow), vitenskapelig assistent (research assistant) and spesialistkandidat (resident)

The position's starting salary is 'level 54': NOK 501 200 per annum before tax, position code SKO 1017, LR20 alt.10.

2% of the salary is automatically deducted and deposited into the State Pension Fund.


Applications must be sent electronically using the Oslo National Academy of the Art application portal at jobbnorge.no. 

The following supplementary documents are required and must be uploaded to the portal:


Attachment 1 - Completed application attachment form, download here: PhD in artistic research

Attachment 2 – Documentation of the education and the qualifications that are required for a position as a research fellow and admission to the PhD programme, ie. master’s degree in performing or creative arts in the relevant art discipline, c.f. the descriptions in the second cycle of the Norwegian Qualifications Framework. (diploma or documentation of similar level of competence)

Attachment 3 - Complete CV (in addition to using the CV form in the application portal, please add a comprehensive CV attachment about artistic practice and artistic research)

Attachment 4 – Documentation of artistic practice. You can provide documentation of up to 10 works, for instance:

  • Documentation of artistic work by video, photo or similar
  • Documentation of performances, productions, exhibitions, for example by program, catalog, tour list, as well as reviews or critiques in reputable publications
  • Publications based on the applicants creative and/or performing practice
  • Artistic awards, purchases and assignments

The applicant can refer to webpages showing documentation of artistic practice/artistic research. In those cases, please specify which parts of the documentation is to be evaluated.

All documentation has to be submitted digitally and collected in one PDF file. The PDF file can also contain hyperlinks to online documentation.

Application with attachments can be filed either in a Scandinavian language or in English. All attachments must be electronic and downloadable. Only material submitted to the application portal by the application deadline will be taken into consideration. Applications lacking the required attachments will not be taken into consideration.

Contact information

For information regarding the subject area and the department please contact Boel Christensen-Scheel, mail: boelchri@khio.no, +47 934 01 275

For general information on the PhD program please see here: PhD in artistic research (khio.no)

For more extensive information please refer to the our webpages here: PhD in artistic research (khio.no)

For questions related to submission of application material to the application portal, please contact HR, email: hr@khio.no. Please mark any mail with "Position as doctorate fellow – Art and Craft department".

Oslo National Academy of the Arts is not able to provide individual guidance in the application process.

Information meeting 

Oslo National Academy of the Arts will organize an information-webinar for applicants 1 November, 2022 from 1700h to 1900h. Please see khio.no to register to attend the webinar.The registration link will be published 2 weeks before the information meeting.

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