PhD Research Fellowships in aerosol-cloud-climate interactions - two positions (ref 228558) (# of pos: 2)

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 15 Aug 2022

PhD Research Fellowship 1 will focus on aerosol-cloud-climate interactions at high northern latitudes. The project involves analysis of satellite remote sensing data sets. The preferred starting date for the position is no later than 1st of October 2022.

PhD Research Fellowship 2 will focus on mixed-phase cloud processes in three distinct cloud regimes (the Arctic, the Tropics and the Southern Ocean), and will involve a combination of aircraft-based field measurements and laboratory experiments. The preferred starting date for the position is no later than 1st of March 2023.

PhD 1 will use a multitude of active and passive remote sensing datasets (satellite, airborne) to study the microphysical processes within mixed-phase clouds in the Arctic, their interactions with the surface (land, ocean, sea ice), and implications for their radiative properties and climate impact.

PhD 2 will be actively involved in field measurements linking the concentration of ice-nucleating particles to in-cloud ice crystal concentrations using, a drop freezing technique and holographic cloud probe data. The combination of these measurements will be used to assess the heterogeneity of mixed-phase clouds and the role of secondary ice on mixed-phase cloud microphysics. The field campaigns will occur in Arctic Norway and the Tropics.

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