PERSEUS Ph.D. position in Future-oriented urban transport modeling

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Deadline: 01 Sep 2022

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About the position

The Department of Architecture and Planning is looking for one Ph.D. candidate in Future-oriented urban transport modeling. The position is part of a group of four Ph.D. candidates working within the same topic.

The positions are part of a larger interdisciplinary project and lab, Mobility Elgeseter which aims to explore innovative and sustainable mobility solutions in an urban, campus environment.  

Transport models are used to replicate various aspects of the transport system, and to predict and evaluate the results of changes to the system. Transport models are used for analyzing strategic decisions about the transport system, either to achieve goals or to estimate impacts of suggested initiatives. The objective of the PhD projects is to improve the state of the art of urban transport models by capitalizing on increased digitization and big data. The projects will explore how sources of dynamic data and passive data can be utilized to further develop and improve transport modelling. In addition to addressing increased digitization, the projects will aim to further develop urban transport models to address the shifting focus from passenger car transport to active, public, and new modes of transport, and the need to integrate freight transport with passenger transport within models. While theoretical research is a key component within the projects, there will also be a strong focus on the applied aspects of this research. This includes the development of transport models for the Elgeseter case study area which can be used to understand both the current mobility picture and future mobility solutions. Finally, the projects will consider the integration of such models into an interactive platform for modeling and visualization in the 3D virtual environment of a digital twin, and consider how model inputs, results, and uncertainties can be better communicated to decision-makers.

This PhD project is a part of the PERSEUS doctoral programme : A collaboration between NTNU- Norway’s largest university, 11 top-level academic partners in 8 European countries, and 8 industrial partners within sectors of high societal relevance. The PERSEUS PhD candidates will have the opportunity to collaborate with researchers in the partner institutions and in other project consortia, and benefit from these collaborative research and education activities. This includes a 2–3 month international stay and a 1-2 month national stay with one of the PERSEUS partners.

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