Expression of Interest: Social Work - Working with Older People

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Job Type: Contract
Deadline: 10 Dec 2021

Expression of Interest: Social Work - Working with Older People

Subject Matter Experts

The Open Polytechnic is re-developing a course as part of the Bachelor of Social Work and we are looking for a subject matter expert to assist the project team.

The course is a 20-credit course at level seven on the NZQA qualifications framework, covering Working with Older People.

Subject Matter Expert

We need skilled and experienced people who have employment, training or education experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • Social Work,
  • Working with Older People, specifically topics that cover the following:
    • Older people and the use of technology,
    • Ageing in place,
    • Designing more effective health and social care services for older people,
    • Advocacy, campaigning and partnership approaches to promoting change.

The Subject Matter Expert will play an important role in the project team. Within the scope of the project, they will review and revise the existing course content to ensure course content is technically accurate, up-to-date and reflecting the best practices in the sector in New Zealand.  They will also be expected to have input into content specific to their subject knowledge and to ensure alignment of the content from a technical and discipline perspective.

We expect the time commitment for the Subject Matter Expert to average around seven hours a week, with more input required at the beginning of the development, for a period of around 3 months.

Subject Matter Experts will provide input in and feedback to specific parts of the revision, as needed. Specifically, they will:  

  • Consult with the project team to contribute to courseware development with focuson their key area of expertise.
  • Answer specific questions from the project team with focus on their key area of expertise.
  • Conduct peer reviews of course materials.

Person specifications and areas of expertise

  • Relevant and up to date academic knowledge and practical experience with Working with Older People, as it relates to the Bachelor of Social Work.
  • Experience teaching adult learners.
  • An appreciation of the structure of the NZQF and the appropriateness of learning approaches for Level seven students.
  • Have a good understanding of the professional / industry requirements for Level seven graduates.
  • Be able to identify and advise on the curation of appropriate resources.
  • Be able to engage with, brief and review the input from other subject matter experts and ensure that they deliver work appropriate for the courses in development.
  • Be the conduit for information and feedback between other subject matter experts and the rest of the team.
  • Be able to contribute to and support the creation of engaging, original and plain English content, digital assets, activities and assessments for a completely online environment.
  • Be willing to work on a team-based projects to a deadline.
  • Be able to resolve issues raised by subject matter experts or learning designer and to escalate those, as necessary.
  • Be approachable.
  • Have a strong professional network.

To apply, please send a cover letter and your CV to by Friday 10th December 2021. Only email applications will be considered.

Your cover letter should outline your relevant academic knowledge and practical experience and your specific area of expertise and include examples of previous writing.

For questions about this contract role, please contact Stuart Kent on email

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