Untargeted LC-MS data specialist in metabolomics

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Deadline: 15 Apr 2021

The project focuses on metabolomics, the field that studies the unique chemical fingerprints that specific metabolic processes leave behind in our bodies. Think of amino acids, sugars, lipids or hormones. These fingerprints give a good image of a person’s current health state. The insights we gain from these fingerprints can be used, for example, for diagnostics or personalised medicine to develop treatments or prevention strategies for diseases such as dementia, or heart or liver failure.

You will work with other researchers together in projects to identify the environmental drivers of health and disease using metabolomics. You will be part of the Exposome-NL  project. and you will handle untargeted MS data to measure and identify known and unknown small molecules in blood, urine and other samples.

Our Analytical Biosciences and Metabolomics (ABSM ) group at Leiden University develops LC-MS platforms for targeted and untargeted analysis of diverse biospecimen, focusing on human health. You will work in one of the leading metabolomics facilities in Europe where novel pipelines for automated sample pre-treatment and analysis are developed. 

Key responsibilities
We are looking for a bioinformatician, or an analytical chemist with substantial programming experience, with deep understanding of LC-MS and metabolomics. Hands on experience in development of untargeted high resolution MS metabolomics data workflows is required. The role will encompass the following responsibilities:

  • Design of untargeted metabolomics data workflows together with the scientific team;
  • Development and support of high-resolution LC-MS and DI-MS data processing pipelines using R;
  • Integration with existing software and work environments (both locally and with collaborators).

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