Tenure track AI-assisted Ultrasound Imaging

Updated: about 2 months ago
Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 14 Jan 2023

To use all opportunities that Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers for AI-assisted Ultrasound Imaging, the Radboud AI for Health team is looking for a specialist and researcher in AI technology at the level from postdoc to assistant professor in a 5-year tenure track.

In this challenging and new position your aim is to establish a successful research group on the crossroad of ultrasound imaging and diagnostic image analysis. As a leading researcher you will closely work together with the departments of Radiation Oncology and Radiology & Nuclear Medicine of the Radboudumc. Your focus will be on doing research and effectuate groundbreaking innovations in AI for healthcare in your field. This in an international team of highly skilled and inspiring specialists with the ambition to significantly improve the quality of care by using AI technology. At the same time, as an inspiring teacher, you will share your knowledge with our PhD's and master students and participate in developing new educational courses.

In your research the centre of attention will be AI for constructing ultrasound images containing geometric as well as functional information and on the automated analysis of these images to further improve the diagnostic yield of ultrasound. And additionally on the combination of AI tools and low cost handheld echo devices in order to develop diagnostic tools that can be used in low resource countries and for primary care (e.g. general practitioners, physiotherapists).

A responsible position with direct impact on the quality and possibilities of AI-assisted Ultrasound Imaging at the global leader in Artificial Intelligence for healthcare.

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